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In this article/blog, we will come to know the most effective question asked during a sales interview. We cannot predict the sales interview question because it’s very difficult to predict the question the sales interviewer is going to ask.

Sales interview is always practical oriented. Hence, in my career I have interviewed more than 5000+ candidate in various steam and hired more than 100’s of candidate as sales executive or sales engineer or business development manager.

In this article, you will come to know not only the question but an effective answer to it.

Are you are excited?

Practical questions of sales interviews

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What’s the difference between sales and marketing
  3. Tell me about your past sales experience
  4. Why did you choose a sale as a career
  5. Sell me this pen
  6. Why do you think you can sell
  7. Describe your team player attitude
  8. What interest you most about this sales position
  9. What is your best experience during sales
  10. How do you motivate yourself
  11. Your inspiration of getting into sales
  12. Money , Recognition and Growth ; which is most  important to you
  13. What is the best advice you have received in your life
  14. Why are you interested in working in our company
  15. Where do you see yourself in next 5 yrs
  16. If rejected for this job , what will you do
  17. Do you have any questions for me

Practical answers to sales interviews questions

1.Tell me about yourself

This question is a trap for a candidate, the interviewer wants to how well you can description or pitch about yourself. If this question is the first question during the interview then it can be an attention catcher for the interviewer but it totally depends on you.

Certain point must be included during introduction:-

  1. Name
  2. Previous past achievement (in last organization, in college or school or any social activity)
  3. Hobbies
  4. Must include facts and figures

“My Name is Ved who has represented my school in state-level champion thrice in volleyball plus I run a youtube channel with 5000+ subscribers. In social activity, I organized more than 5 festive events in my residential colony which has generated $1000 to run the show. “

“ My Name is Nikkie with 5yrs + experience in new business experience with past record of achieving 120% of my sales quarter month on month through which I have earned $10,000 in incentive and received more than 10 appreciation letter and certificate “

“As a senior manager, I have lead more than 20 team member in 3 different location plus scaled revenue from $5000 to $500000 in 2yrs of my job”

“My differentiation is references, every month 75% of business achieved is though references”……

“ I am best defined as incentive man with a growth rate between 120% to 190% and 75% of growth rate during any pandemic….  

2. What’s the difference between sales and marketing

This question is favorite during the interview because many sales and marketing person still confuses between the two and lead to incorrect answers.

Hence, always answer this question in points and with example:-

Time DurationShort TermLong Term
ObjectiveGenerating RevenueRevenue Maximization
StrategyPhone Calls, Meetings, Negotiations and ClosureAccessibility, Affordability, Availability , Awareness
ToolsCRM ,Chats, Videos, Calls , Emails etc.Customer Feedback, Research, Surveys, Customers Demands and External Environment.

3. Tell me about your past sales experience

This question often is asked to an experienced sales candidate, hence to figure out is the salesperson suitable for the job or not. Sales job is a very result-oriented job hence every interview needs to hire the best salesperson.


“My overall sales experience if 3 yrs + in different domain like software, banks and education with over 200+ client enrolled and generated above $50000 in last 3 yrs ,

Secondly, in last company I subscripted with 50+ client which brought revenue of $10000 in financial year.

Thirdly, I have received 5 certificates for outstanding achievements.

Forth, Winner of 3 Holiday tour with family, 1 domestic and 2 international.

By communicating with facts and figures, you make interviews engaging, and the chance of getting selected increases.

But for fresher’s,

Firstly, if you have actually sold any product and services (even one ) you can mention them.

Second, if you have won any competition, you must mention.

Third, if you have teaching experience, you must mention

(All above will show your selling attitude)

4. Why did you choose sales as a career

Again, one of the most important questions asked during the interview. Here interviewer wants to understand that “why the candidate is interested in a sales job as a sales job is resulted-oriented plus sales targets and pressure.

Answer “

“I choose sales as my career because of growth and incentive attached to it. I understand sales are the target job but the opportunity to grow and prosper is also very high. I want to earn additional money away from my salary which will support my family and hence I believe sales is the right career for me “

5. Sell me this pen

This question will be an interview, they will give you something to sell like a pen, smartphone, laptop, and others. Here, the objective is to evaluate the candidate on selling skills, the interviewer wants to understand that is the candidate right for a sales job or not.


Interviewer: Sell me this pen

{Candidate should take 2 mins to think….Now the candidate should always think like a shopkeeper, you must have purchased any pen, pencil or eraser from the shop! What do they do? they ask you certain questions. In the same way, candidate must ask a question to the interviewer}

Candidate : yes sir/ma’am what are you looking for/ how can I help you?

Interviewer: I am looking for a pen ?

Candidate : what kind of pen , rough use or office use ,which color, ball pen or ink pen

Interviewer: Show me blue pen .

Candidate : and ball pen

Interviewer: yes

Candidate : pls see pen

Interviewer : price

Candidate : $10

Now, point is that for selling you need to ask questions and that interviewer want to see and evaluate.

But in many such interview, interviewer intentionally will try to not agree on the purchase of pen because they want to see if the candidate will give up earlier or will he/she try and try or come up with new ideas.

Therefore, in such situation candidate must push himself/herself hard not to give up and try to sell till the end.

6. Why do you think you can sell

This question is asked by interviewer to examine the self confidence of candidate because interviewer know that self confidence means self achievement


I believe I can sell and become the best sales person because I have achieved in the past, I have achieved 150% of my sales target in last quarter with $7000 + as my sales incentive. If you are fresher’s, they give examples of last achievements like competition,sports and other activities  .

Remember, always answer question with facts and figures.

7. Describe your team player attitude

Here, the interviewer wants to understand the mindset of the sales candidate because ,interviewer knows that team means win.


Sir/Ma’am, team means unity and winner believes in team and hence( use examples of last organization or experience is school and colleges), I am a team player at heart but also would love to work individually when and so required to boost up sales and revenue”

8. What interest you most about this sales position

Here the interviewer wants to understand the “hunger” of sales candidate for this job or position. While asking this question , many interviewers evaluate the interest  level candidate .


My interest for job responsibility not for sales position. Job responsibility which give me rich experience and sales position will always changes. Hence I am interested because:

  1. I see additional earning opportunity apart from salary
  2. I see additional multiple responsibility in this job
  3. I see a team driven job
  4. I see the sector and company growing at a very rapid scale in last 3-5 yrs

9. What is your best experience during sales

This question when asked candidate must understand the his/her view of sales or the interest level. Interviewer want to understand his love for sales profession.


“ First, give example for earning incentive for first time and helping family.

Second, customer sending an appreciation email or 5 start rating.

Third, closure a high ticket size client in a day or a week

10 . How do you motivate yourself

Sales is a very high target and pressure job, hence many candidate resign or loose the job within 6month .Hence,it’s very important to know the motivation factor .

Answer “

I motivate myself by saying “all will be positive “

I listen to motivational videos

I do yoga and exercise

Once a Executive said “give-up is not the solution hence I fight”

Dream of earning money and becoming rich is my motivation “

11. Your inspiration of getting into sales

From so many interview questions, this question is also important to study the mindset of sales candidate. Many interviewers also ask for life inspiration movement or person but if somebody wants to make career in sales then it’s a very bold decision.

Answer “

First, many people say “incentives and growth”

Second, many people say “my senior “

Third, many people say “brothers or friend or relatives”

12. Money , Recognition and Growth ; which is most important to you

This question is a decision making question in front of sales candidate. But there is not right or wrong answer to it, it just the matter of priority and that differs from person to person.


“Money is most important to me because it drives my company and family , if I have money ,recognition and growth will follow. “

13. What is the best advice you have received in your life

Best advice in your life is one of question to test the memory power of candidate because we tend to forget the advice and when suddenly asked we are blank .


 “ be healthy” , “don’t harm anyone”, “ stay away from cigarettes and alcohol”  , “ chase your dream “………………………

14 .Why are you interested in working in our company

The interviewer wants to know the candidate interest in the company and his various steps towards getting the job .


Tell about the company start date , milestones, products ,services , any awards, further growth , references .

Answering this question will determine how much interested are you’re for the job .

15 . Where do you see yourself in next 5 yrs

Many a times interviewer asks this question to understand the dream of a sales candidate.


“ Next 5 yrs I believe I would like to see myself handling multiple responsibility and rich experience in the same domain “

“ In next 5 yrs I would see myself free from education loan “

“In next 5 yrs, I would like to see my father free from personal loan”

“ In next 5 yrs , I would like to see my mother eye treatment successful.”

16 . If rejected for this job , what will you do

Now , interviewer are stated asking this question to see how he reacts to it and what’s his expression


Once a VP was asked same question “If rejected for this job today , I will celebrate because I have put all my effort to get this job hence lost but certainly will celebrate failure and search for new opportunity or will reply apply next time “

17 . Do you have any question to me

This question every interviewer ask during an interview and your answer should be “yes”

Ask question in relation to job responsibility or company or growth,never ask a question just for show-off , if you don’t have any question say “no”.

Sales candidate asking question leaves a positive impact on interviewer.


1,2,5 & 17 is very important .

Best of luck for sales interview !!!

Neeraj Upadhyay

With rich experience in sales & marketing, Neeraj Upadhyay specializes in sales, business development, service, revenue achievements, training, team building, price, strategy business expansion, new product, and many more. He is an expert sales and marketing professional and hence his written article are most among our reader's favorite.


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