5 Best Characteristics Of Top Performing Salespeople?

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Any company or organization look for 3 things in a sales person :

1. they look for a top-performing salesperson

2. they look for a top-performing salesperson

3. they look for a top-performing salesperson.

Salesperson plays a very vital role in building and growing a startup or sustainable business, hence it becomes very easy for the company to identify who is a top performing sales person as they achieve their monthly sales target or quotas, reporting is robust , always hungry for incentives, hungry to close sales fast, hungry for references. But for a company, it becomes very different to hunt top performing sales person before joining the company and hence they must take practical sales interview.

5 Characteristics of Top Performing Salespeople

1. Closure Focused.

First, we have viewed that performing salespeople are highly focused on sales closure. They always keep their eyes and ear open for closure because they know “finding customers who will pay is very difficult”. 

During every sales cycle from starting till the end, they just think of closing sales that is find the right client, they do homework before product presentation, look for greater handing of objection by involving senior at any cost, even it has been viewed that they make customer talk with the concerned department to solve the query during the meeting itself. This shows their urgency for sales.

During the sales cycle lot of stuff arrive which may irritate you or disappoint you, but a top-performing salesperson ignores it always.

2. Aggressive 

It has been observed that top-performing salesperson are highly aggressive for sales closure: Example (live ), one salesperson visited a customer to sell a financial product :

Salesperson: demonstration of product and price given, 

Customer:  give me some time to think, will let you know

Salesperson: Ok Sir, (immediately responded), sir pls think I am waiting outside in the guest room.

Customer: No…No..I will call.

Salesperson: Sir, you said, you need time to think and I  have given you 20 minutes.

Aggressive and urgency of sales closure on spot. 

None of the customers is sitting with money to give you, you have to find a medium to take that money in the right way. 

Even viewed, salespeople need to change their personality according to the customer in front of them to complete their sales quota.

3. Energetic

Everyone likes an energetic person, energetic salespeople always have a good presence of mind and hence a great presence of mind is required in front of the customer. An energetic person always remains positive and spread positivity and especially in the sales field where setbacks are high as compared with success every month and quarter.

Energetic salespeople always carry physical, oral, or emotional confidence with them, and hence an energetic salesperson can travel as the job demands and take initiative and make strategies without the support of others. Also do remember an energetic salesperson is also loved by customers and company.

But yes, every time we cannot maintain the same level of energy in every meeting but a smart and productive salesperson is educated enough to handle the situation.

4. Team Player

The interviewer must evaluate the candidate on being a team player as non of the organization can be run without team player quality. A team player attitude always wins in a larger period. The interviewer must question the candidate on being a team player in any circumstances. Team means Win. 

Every organization requires a winning team and a winning team requires a winning attitude. Sales need convincing skill and team building need convincing power, henceforth hiring a sales personnel must be team player at heart to succeed in the long term.

Top-performing salespeople very well understand the importance of teamwork and hence they always try to maximize the team energy to surpass the sales target before time. Even though the salesperson is an individual performer, he will find his ways within the company or outside to build a team to achieve his target at any cost. 

5. Hunger for incentive

Last but not the least, top-performing salespeople are very hunger always for incentive month on month or quarter and quarter because they understand to grow within the organization and to have a great KRA, incentive plays a very critical role.

90% of top-performing salespeople don’t choose sales as a career because they want to do sales but they choose because they want to earn incentives. Salespeople understand the importance of incentive in their monthly salary and therefore they try very hard to close sales fast and before time and for that they completely follow sales cycle.

Hunger for the incentive is an additional drive in the life of a salesperson. Once a salesperson has tasted the flavor of incentive then from next month salary without incentive becomes monotonous. 

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