Top 5 Qualities To Look Before Hiring Salespeople

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Hiring  in any domain is a skillful job and time consuming and because your are dealing with a human behavior. Hiring a sales person is always critical as because sales is a demanding job plus result oriented job . Whether you are hiring first 5 sales rep for your company or for early startup or for a sustainable business, hiring a sales person is critical as because they generate revenue for your company or venture .

Hiring a salesperson is the hardest job because they will take your business to growth or down fall. According to survey , among 10 person interviewed for sales job only 1% is right  meaning 1 candidate is eligible for a sales job ,hence the matrix is very low.

Therefore , don’t direct jump or rush for sales hiring ,first prepare a blue print of sales hiring . Blueprint for sales hiring is important.

Blueprint For Sales Hiring

1. Roles, responsibility , compensation ,experience level, gender, designation ,location etc.

2. Interview qualify measures like percentage opted in school or college , co curricular activity in school or colleges , any written exams, group discussion (hiring in bulk) etc.

3. Level of interview and responsible person (level 1 to be conducted by manager , level 2 conducted by hr manager  and level 3 conducted by senior management )

4. Prepare a score card per candidate on above 3 aspects and then go for final selection. 

5 Qualities Of Good Salesperson

1. Aggressive

Experience or Freshers Candidate

Ask candidate or put him in situation by giving him something to sell to check the aggressive  attitude toward customers while selling the product or services . 

Sales require aggressive attitude hence a person with humble attitude often loose the deal . Interviewer must give different situation and ask candidate to response on that situation ,hence the interview will come to know the aggressive behavior .

 Interview must be practical oriented because it will be  beneficial for company and the candidate . [ Prepare a set of sales situation like on payment or follow-up or presentation etc. hence conduct the interview]

 2. Performance

Experience or Freshers Candidate

Past performance must be evaluated during the interview process .For experienced candidate you must ask the sales target given and percentage achieved in current  or last month or in a quarter , how many time he has earned incentive in last employment , team handle and the attrition rate in his team , working style , how does his handle different kind of sales situation and so on but for fresher candidate performance must be evaluated on what he has learned and applied in his life or you can ask him basic questions on sales or marketing to know his ground.  

3. Pressure Handle 

Experience or Freshers Candidate

Sales person = pressure handling ,the interview must evaluate both experience and fresher candidate on pressure handling , as because sales  people leave their job on a frequent period due to high pressure by manager or senior management ,therefore every interviewer must put pressure during interview  and that is only possible through practical selling during sales interview . Interview must focus on the candidate attitude on pressure ; he/she is tensioned or calm or aggressive or smiling , humble or patient.

4. Initiator 

When every hiring you should always look for leadership / team player qualities within the candidate . Candidate who is an initiator is a good source of taking multiple responsibility  and can be a very valuable asset  for organization . During interview the interviewer must candidate some example of initiative he/she has taken in his life and experience behind , hence the example can be small or big but it does not matter ,only matter is that he/she is a self starter . A self starter candidate always saves time and energy.

5. Team Player

In hiring process , the interviewer must evaluate the candidate on being team player as non of the organization can be runned without team player quality . Team player attitude always win in larger period . Interviewer must question candidate on being team player in any circumstances .Team mean Win . Every organization require winning team  and  winning team require winning attitude . Sales need convincing skill and team building needs convincing power , hence forth hiring a sales personnel must be team player at heart to succeed in long term  .

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Aggressive | Performance | Pressure Handle | Initiator | Team Player 

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