71 Catchy Sales Words For Quick Sales Closure


Catchy Sales Words are defined as sales techniques that increase the selling of your product or services, grabs customer attention, and build trust.

For Examples – Need to earn more money in short time, then you must do this 10 things daily” .

[ If you analyze the about sales phrase it has words like Need, Earn More Money, Short Time, Must, 10 Things Daily & hence its makes customer eager to know the 10 things daily and will be definitely interested ].

Every smart sales professional knows the importance of sales words during sales call whether is B2B or B2C and hence one must master the techniques and even apply catchy sales words in social media as well.

One must master the sales words, sales quote, and sales phases through practical exposure & sales books. In my sales career, I learned lots of catchy sales words from sales books themselves. But, sales words should be used depending upon the situation during the sales calls, sales presentations, and sales meetings then only we will be able to see a positive impact.

71 catchy sales words for sales closure

Before we jump to a long list of these words, we must first try to understand the importance of catchy sales words.

The Importance of Catchy Sales Words

1. Increase Sales

increase sales by catchy sales words

When will the customer buy or purchase our products and services is the question in every salesperson minds & hence we try to convince & persuade the customer so as he/she can make buying decisions quickly but let’s understand that the customers will only buy the product or service when he/she is convinced and there is the use of catchy sales words like guarantee, warranty, 100% safe & secure, interested and so on and grab customers attention to your products and services.

Catchy sales word used at right time and at right place makes customer buy .

2. Grab Customer Attention

If your products or services or your catchy sales pitch is noticed by your potential customers then he or she will be interested. You often lose your sales because customers are bored, no attraction, or the customer is confused with the purchase, and hence it’s the responsibility of the salesperson or marketer to use attention-grabbing sales words or phrases to get customer interest.

And hence companies use attractive taglines and sales phrases like:

  1. Get 2 free on one purchase
  2. 100% guaranteed services
  3. 100% cashback
  4. 1-year free service
  5. Earn $10 or Rs 101 on every referral.

3. Win Customer Trust

win customer trust  by catchy sales words

If you win customer trust then you win the sales but in today’s competitive world with thousands of options, it becomes very difficult to win customer trust, and hence you have to act smartly according to the situation.

Customers don’t trust a new brand or salesperson & hence as a company or individual you have to gain it and that is only possible by building relationships with customers. Building trust takes time and I have personally noticed smart companies and salespeople using under mentioned bold words as a technique to gain trust-

  1. 100% trustable service
  2. 100% genuine product
  3. Government registered or licensed company
  4. Remarkable service
  5. Certified company

4. Psychological Impact   

Some sales words are so powerful because they affect or impact your psychology and hence make customers buy.

For example- Sureshot, Guarantee, Affordable, Reasonable, Discounted are powerful sales words that impact the psychology of the customer immediately.

Do you know companies use psychology pricing techniques to drive move sales such as $9, Rs 9,$199, Rs 199, $999 and Rs 999, and so on, its perfect psychological pricing techniques.

5. Persuade

persuade customer by catchy sales phrases

The ease of understanding the catchy words often turns things around. Such quality makes them very persuasive and convincing in nature.

Therefore, people find attractive words like “free” or “discounted ” or “ most saleable” when they come across them. 

71 Best Catchy Sales Phrases For Social Media

I have personally used the undermentioned sales word or sales phrases during my sales meeting and social media & believe me it worked 90%.

  1. Free Trial

2. Free sample

3. Free demonstration

4. Free download

5. Free estimate

6. Free consultation

7. Free delivery

8. Free shipping

9. Free gifts on purchase

10. Cancel at 0 cost

11. No Extra Charges on Consultations

12. Free Cancellation

13. Cancel Anytime

14. Cancellation time 24*7

15. Cancel at no risk

16. Save money

17. Earn extra money

18. Lowest price

19. Reasonable price

20. Competitive price

21. 50% discounted price

22. Lowest price guaranteed

23. Best price

24. Special offer

25. Cost effective

26. Buy 2 get 1 free

27. Sign Up fast

28. Sign up now

29. Sign up today

30. 5% additional discount on a purchase made today

31. Refund within 48 hrs

32. Secret tips

33. Secret techniques

34. Limited stock

35. Offers end soon

36. Make decision today

37. Exclusive offers

38. 1st time offer

39. Call anytime

40. Save my number

41. Contact us

42. Dedicated team

43. Experienced team

44. Book your appointment today

45. Talk to an expert

46. Years of experience

47. Award winning team

48. Award winning company

49. Certified company

50. Licensed company

51. Government registered firm

51. Approved by central bank

51. Business operation in 11 countries

51. Sales operation in 21 states

52. Just one phone call

53. Ahead of competition

54. 71% market share

55. 85% customer retention rate

56. 3 out of 1 purchase

57. User friendly

58. One-time delivery

59. Offer expires soon

60. 10 yrs old company

61. 4.5 rating on Google

62. 1 lakhs followers on facebook, twitter & linkedin

63. 5 Million app download

64. 10thousand active users

65. 49 customers already using in the city

66. Scientifically proven

67. Lab certified

68. Doctor’s certified

69. Actors, actress & celebrity our customers

70. Hassle free

71. Safe & Secured

6 Tips For Creating A Catchy Sales Phrases, Taglines & Slogans

1. Keep It Short & Simple

simple & short sales phrases or sales taglines

Want to create an amazing & catchy sales phrases and taglines which can grab customer attention, then the thumb rule is to keep it short & simple so as customers can understand easily plus avoid jargons & difficult words which customer don’t understand.

Every one loves short and too the point solutions.

2. Showcase USP

This is a very important part as you need to focus on what makes you unique and different from the next competitor.

There are a few different ways you can incorporate what makes your business special :

  1. Want is your unique selling proposition
  2. Problems your products & service solves
  3. Additional value proposition
  4. Key achievements to date

3. Focus On Sales Goal

focus on sales goal for preparing sales slogans or sales phrases

Creating catchy sales phrases for a sales meeting or social media sales requires a clear focus on your sales goal.
Identify your weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual sales goals and prepare sales phrases accordingly.

If you want sales through social media then your sales goal must be cleared with the sales & marketing team so as communication with the customers is very transparent.

4. Know Your Customers

Creating sales phrases or taglines cannot be done without understanding your customer demographic and geography.

If suppose, you have targeted customer using english language which he or she does not understand then
your efforts are a waste of time & energy and hence understand your customers well by age, interest, locations, languages, behaviour so as you can communicate well on social media or sales meetings.

5. Create Suspense, Urgency & Excitement

create suspense & excitement through catchy sales phrases and words

Unless you create sales phrases that carry suspense, urgency, and excitement for your customers so as they become interested in your products & services.


  1. Want to become successful within 3 yrs then you must this do 3 things ever morning.

2. Want to know why Amazon is successful, then must download the PDF.

3. Get 1 movie ticket free ,just do this one thing immediately.

6. Get Feedbacks

This is one of the easiest ways to know if your phrases will be perceived well, and a step that a lot of brands use.

Ask friends, family, strangers and most importantly, those that are considered to be in your target market.

Here’s a few ways you can ask for feedback:

  • Ask for feedback on a social media
  • Niche forums
  • Twitter communities
  • Take surveys
  • Test a few different slogans (s) on social media and see what performs best
  • Ask a stranger
  • Create polls on different social media platforms.

40 Catchy Sales Words

Use this 40 catchy sales words ,if you want customer to buy your product & services quickly

11 Catchy Sales Slogan Used By Brands

1. Mc Donald‘s

mcdonalds sales tagline
McDonald’s sales phrases for social media

2. HDFC Bank

HDFC bank sales phrases for sales
HDFC bank sales phrases for sales

3. Apple

Apple sales phrases or tagline
Apple sales phrases or tagline

4. Nike

Nike sales phrases or slogans
Nike sales phrases or slogans

5. Procter & Gamble

Procter & gamble sale phrases
Sales phrases & sales words to connect with customers

6. Tata Motors

Tata motors sales phrases for customers connect
Tata motors sales phrases for customers connect

7. Hitachi

Hitachi sales tagline
Hitachi sales tagline

8. Dell

Dell sale phrases to connect with customers
Dell sale phrases to connect with customers

9. Amul

Amul sales phrases
Amul sales phrases to build trust

10. Honda

Honda sales phrases for customers
Honda sales phrases for customers

11. Zoho

Zoho sales phrases
Zoho sales phrases


If you want to win customers’ hearts then first win by catchy sales words and then by action. We need to convince & persuade customers to buy and for that, you need to grab customer attention with catchy and noticed sales words, sales phrases, and sales taglines.


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