8 Best Ways to sell products or services to CEO or Director?

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Sales require conviction, aggressiveness, and energy to achieve a sales order. The sales function is not at all easy for any person who wants to make a career in sales or already is in sales. Ask the salesperson what they have to do to get one single sales order whether in b2b or b2c. The pain point or the sales pressure is very extreme because they are people who bring revenue to the company.

Sales can’t be completed without sales cycle .

Sales are always looked like the hardest job in any professional career. Hence every salesperson in the job looks for a sales order so as he can achieve its sales quota and earn incentive month on month and make their KRA strong for future growth.

But the salesperson’s challenge lies when meeting the decision-makers of the company, hence generating the leads itself is a challenging task as they have to generate the lead of a person who is a decision-maker in the organization and 2nd come getting an appointment from him and balancing the follow-up if arrived.

Every salesperson dream is to meet the decision-maker of the company that is CEO or CMO or CFO other because that will save a lot of time and energy of a salesperson and can get the result-oriented outcome or otherwise if locked under the trap of hierarchy then even 3 months is not enough for closing the sales.

Meeting CEO in a company means a lot you can win or lose.CEO is a leader to run the company handing every department finance, sales, marketing, operations, service, logistics, and others that means he knows every bit and pisses off the industry and business. Now, this makes it more difficult for a salesperson to sell his/her product and services. Hence, for every sales meeting is very important for sales person, therefore if you do not want to lose deal with CEO of any company make sure you must do before your sales meeting with CEO.

Sell To CEO / Senior Management – 8 Dynamic Ways

1. Do Your Homework

Be best prepared in every meeting with the CEO. You know what you are selling but CEO does not know how will it help them as already their company must have some certain investment in marketing and advertising, so the first question you must ask “Why CEO will purchase my product and services”? 

This question must be answered before the meeting, let me guide you. Its a fact that no person or company is perfect they always lack behind in something or the others, hence you just “need to find the pain point”, do your homework, understand their marketing and sales strategy and how your product or service will fit there and it may be through value or differentiation or price or communication, just find a way.

The best example will be his competitor, show him how and where his competitor is working and making money, touch the insecurity factor, you just need to ask the right set of questions.

2. Make Sales Meeting Engaging

Meeting with the CEO of the company means you have only one chance to convince him, hence it’s possible that only one customer can make you achieve your sales target. 95% of a sales meeting with CEO end within 5 mins of meeting because CEO understands that this product is not right for his company or maybe he is losing interest.

A salesperson who is talkative and speedy loses the sales more because they have focused on selling more. Make sales engaging ” discussion “, try to take more out off CEO so as you get a space to sell.

Some of the ways to make Sales meet with CEO engaging are :

1. Use a video example of how your product has help business to grow by 10X

2. Use success stories of your product and services

3. Show milestone of your company and products

4. Make the CEO imagine / dream/ think about your product during the sales meeting.

5. Show future prospects of your product and services and how it’s changing the business.

3. Show Cost Reduction

Every sale to somebody should be from the perspective of cost reduction. Most of CEO is not interested in making profits because they know more than anyone else because he is running the show but CEO will always be interested in cutting cost quarter and quarter because if cost reduced it will ultimately increase profits. 

Focus on how your product and services will reduce down costs by 5% or 10% or 20%. Always give examples of your product support to other businesses in cost reduction and profit maximization. Cost reduction can be seen within a year or after a year.

Cost reduction factor also impress that people around CEO like CFO or CMO and others . Hence, many company outsource manpower for cost reduction .  

Example : even a software can save lakhs of rupees you just need to present well with facts and figure .

4. To The Point

Every sales person need to understand that CEO of company times is valuable .Hence don’t rotate around the ball always be to the point or else the sales meeting dynamic will change and meeting will go somewhere else.

Engagement with CEO is required , hence need to quick turn the meeting to real objective ,if moved some where else. Reason of losing a sales order is that meeting was too boring or monotonous or too technical . CEO has an idea about your product ,hence be specific to answer what is required.

Hence, always communicate your audience in points (a,b,c,……………………)

5. Pain Point Solver

CEO is a company make a very calculative decision while purchasing a product or services ,hence the product or services you are selling to the CEO must solve paint point of his company ,otherwise he might lose interest. Don’t pitch to CEO only for selling ,present your product and service as a pain point solver.

 Lot of time the product and services you are selling to CEO might be new ,hence many CEO like new products ,ideas and solution to try and test but many CEO’s don’t want to take risk with such new product or services because for them it’s a risk factor .

But showcase of examples with facts and figures, videos, success stories always win the order as they create trust and transparency.

6. Showcase True Data

CEO always love salesperson who is true to selling. Every meeting is incomplete without reliable and actual data. Hence, on certain questions, salespeople try to defend themselves with imaginable and false data, this will be disasters if crossed-checked.

During sales meeting with CEO, if you use data of any reach company, take the company name its “ok” or if you don’t have answer says “will get back on this with the right number “, this approach always wins the trust and makes relationships.

True data make meeting engaging and sometimes data’s are rechecked during the meeting itself.

“True data makes product truthful”

7. Hope For Positive Result

Results are not in our hand, hence after a sales meeting, anything can happen:

  1. CEO can ask for some time for decision making
  2. CEO can ask to meet the marketing team
  3. CEO can ask to consult his team member
  4.  CEO can say no
  5. CEO can say will take decision after this quarter
  6. CEO can ask for quotation
  7. And many more

During a meeting or at the end you will get the confidence whether you have made it or not.

“Look/Hunt for new clients/customers always “- sales function says


CEO  are growth-driven leaders, hence this belief in product and service which will help in “sales” and support in “cost reduction” though a very transparent aspect.

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