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What Is Sales Generator 247?

Sales Generator 247 is a sales blogging website that provides all sales-related functions under one roof. Sales Generator 247 is a “Trusted Sales Communication Platform ” for individuals & businesses around the world. This platform consists of sales-related functions like selling, sales strategy, sales deal, sales promotion, sales articles, sales management, sales information, and many more. This platform is meant for enterprises and individual who are hungry for businesses on day to day basis. Sales Generator 247 will bring innovative sales ideas, techniques and sales models which have grown companies from 0 to 100X , 100 to 1000X and 1000X to 10000X …..

Our team is committed to work on bring unique content in sales domain ,hence the team have an experience over a decade on sales ,writing , strategy ,building sales funnel ,sales prices in large corporate and small industries. “Copy Content” is now replaced by “Experienced Content” as copy strategy does not work in sales because sales is driven by numbers and customers and both can’t be copied . We understand the importance of sales and hence we understand the importance of content .

I am sure your are hungry for business and so did I ,hence let me take you on my journey from:-

Corporates Job ——–> Blogger

Hello Friend ,

I’m Neeraj Upadhyay ,founder of blog “Sales Generator 247” .

My name is Neeraj Kumar Upadhyay and I belong to Jamshedpur (Steel City Of India) , Jharkhand (INDIA). My first job was in Kotak Mahindra Bank ,Mumbai as Corporate Sales Manager through campus placement from Octave Business School, Nagpur in the field of marketing , after this I worked with Holidayiq ,Trade India and Aashvi Innovations Pvt Ltd.

I always wanted to do something of my own which can be a great source of learning and earning to support my family and city . But, my mistakes, struggles and life brought me to start a blogging platform to survive and hence its journey to survive. Today , I am an owner of Sales Generator 247 .

Professional Summary :

Let Me Support You In Sales

All my journey has been into Business Development, Sales, Team Lead, Recruitment, New Business and Geography Expansion, Building Great Team, Support and Helping Small Business in Growth and from Scratch ……
Business Sectors : Software | SaaS | Consultancy | B2B | Banking & Financial | Travel | Internet Company

I love Growing them!!!

Short Summary

  • Business Age : 7 yrs+
  • Self KYC: Sales, business development, service, target & revenue achievements, training and team building, business expansion ,new product.
  • Client KYC: Business to business (b2b) & Business to consumer (b2c)
  • Build team, product, process and business from scratch.
  • Expand new business geographies.
  • Achieving the target of customer satisfaction of >85% regularly from the first month.
  • Recruitment and Interviewed talent for team leaders, technical developers, back end and sales.
  • Clients Excluding India: USA, South Africa, China clients in professional career.

As an entrepreneurial thought:

– Did fairly well in my post graduation entrepreneurship business
– Failed in my second startup at early execution stage .
– Again did fairly well in third business for a very short period.

  • Now running Sales Generator 247

My first 3 months of blogging experience

I started blogging to learn and earn and then started writing on sales due to my experience and interest in the same field. I started my blogging journey on Bloggers but stopped writing on it very soon because at some point I experienced that if I want to grow my blog then I need to change to some other platform.

Secondly, communication is an important aspect of sales and marketing ,hence I wanted the domain name to be www.sales247.com but unfortunately it was not available and then I thought my blog is available for 24*7 and will support or generate sales for individual and business at any given point and then, I came up with “Sales Generator 247”.

Thirdly, as I had zero knowledge and experience in coding and technical aspect to start a blog , I watched over 25 videos on Youtube and hence came to know about “WordPress” and I decided that I will learn WordPress and build a website. I started to work on themes and backend with download, practice and delete with over 7 different themes ,then after 15 days I realized its not working the way it should be and then took support of my friend Sumit Kumar and he supported me some initial setup process and after writing some sales articles and blog on it ,I launched the website.

Why blog in sales domain is required ?

Every business and economy is depended on sales and revenue.

Sales domain is a very demanding job and you have to perform on daily basis.

Blog in sales domain is required because-

A) Sales bring revenue to companies

B) Sales blogs is required for individual and businesses to perform

C) Sales blogs is required to stay updated

“Sales is all about attitude and implementation”

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