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Chatbot Software Review- Is It The Best AI Website Chat Software in 2021


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Having an automated conversational tool for your website is very important for customer service, generating quality sales lead, increase customer traffic & accelerate sales conversion.

Hence, if you are really serious about growing your business online then you must have a website or landing page with chatbot conversational software attached to guide you in sales, marketing and engagement.

One of the biggest names that come to my mind is Chatbot.

Trusted by more than 35000+ businesses in over 150 countries with 1500+ active partners globally, Chatbot is the number one AI live chat software for websites and surely the best software for conversation with users via text messages on chat.

A Chatbot is an “effective & fast AI-driven chat software for the website to drive sales growth & engagements” and hence I can proudly provide ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Website chat software
Chatbot – website chat software

To help you make an informed decision, here’s a detailed review of Chatbot, along with its most prominent features, pros, and cons, pricing, alternatives, and more.

Why Is Chatbot Software Different From Competitiors ?

A Chatbot is committed to increase sales growth and live engagement of customer’s on the website fast.

1) Chatbot provides 14-day free trial to experience the effectiveness of website chat software.

2) Easily integrate Chatbot in Livechat to communicate with customers seamlessly.

3) It all-in-one platform to build and launch conversational chatbots without coding.

Now, let’s take an in-depth Chatbot overview and then will jump into the review.

Chatbot AI Website Software Overview

Chatbot AI software for the website for communication & conversion.

CHATBOT CUSTOMERS35000+ businesses in over 150 countries with 1500+ active partners globally
CHATBOTA chatbot is software that is artificial intelligence (AI) driven to simulates human-like conversations with users via text messages on chat.
CHATBOT BENEFITS1) Improve workflows and productivity
2) Support customers 24/7
3) Solve & resolve problems effectively
4) Reduce headcount
5) Generate & qualify sales leads automatically
6) Enhance customer experience
7) Increase conversion rates
8) Combines AI technology & human touch to deliver support
9) Apply ready to use templates to help customers
10) Integrate Chatbot with favorite tools
CHATBOT PRODUCTS1) Visual builder
2) Dynamic responses
3) Artificial Intelligence
4) Analytics
5) Livechat
6) Helpdesk
7) Knowledge Base
2) Sales
3) Support
4) Education
5) Enterprise
6) Healthcare
2) Chat
3) Resources
4) Blogs
5) Videos
CHATBOT PRICINGFree trial (chatbot): 14-day free trial
Starter: $42/month (billed annually)
Team: $126/month (billed annually)
Business: $424/month (billed annually)
Enterprise: connect chatbot service team

What is Chatbot – Real Time Website Chat Software

A chatbot is software that simulates human-like conversations with users via text messages on chat. Its key task is to help users by providing answers to their questions in an all-in-one platform to build and launch conversational chatbots without coding.

chatbot review

A chatbot help power up your marketing, supercharging your sales, and optimizing your support.

With a chatbot, you can build your own AI chatbots with ready-to-use templates according to your business needs.

Also get a wide variety of customer service templates, customer satisfaction templates, discount templates, lead generation templates & live chat essentials with a chatbot.

Hence, chatbot delights you by helping in engagement, nurture, qualify & conversion.

Now, friends let’s start to explore Chatbot trusted customers.

Trusted Chatbot Customers

trustable chatbot customers

A chatbot is used by more than 35000+ businesses worldwide in over 150 countries with 1500+ active partners globally.

A chatbot is used by brands like, Unilever, HTC, Moody’s, GM, and more.

A chatbot is used in different business categories like real estate, restaurants, hotels, travel, airlines, ecommerce, b2b marketplace, b2c companies, consultancy, professional services, payment gateway companies, manufacturing business, educational, government, and many others.

Now, friends let’s start to explore Chatbot features step by step.

Chatbot Software Review : Features

From start to finish, ChatBot gives you everything you need to successfully build and manage chatbots.

chatbot features

Here’s a breakdown of all its Chatbot features:

  • No-code chatbot builder
  • Chatbot Testing Tool
  • Customizable Chat Widget
  • Visual Builder
  • Dynamic Responses
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

1) No-code chatbot builder

Quickly drag and drop conversation blocks to easily build your stories & need by choosing from multiple bot response formats and actions to create engaging chatbot experiences.

no code chatbot builder

2) Chatbot Testing Tool

Now, test your Story while you build it within the ChatBot web app. Make sure your chatbots work as intended before they connect with users.

chatbot testing

3) Customizable Chat Widget

Launch AI chatbots on your website in a couple of clicks by using our free Chat Widget. Customize its look and feel to match your brand’s style and website design.

chatbot customizable

4) Visual Builder

Comfortably design chatbots using a smooth, drag-and-drop chatbot builder.

visual builder chatbot

a) Personalize your communication

Gather customer data using features to customize chatbot conversations.

b) Design more natural conversations

Apply filters to match bot replies within the context of the conversation.

c) Collect user information automatically

Use Questions to collect and validate customer information while chatting.

d) Create custom user lists

Organize users into different segments. Reuse collected contacts in your marketing activities.

e) Keep conversations going smoothly

When needed, redirect users to different parts of your story using the Go to step action.

f) Clear up misunderstandings

Use fallback to get your conversations back on track when miscommunication happens.

g) Try out multiple flows at the same time

Split users into different flows using AB tests. Quickly verify which of them performs the best.

5) Dynamic Responses

Start a relationship with Chatbot dynamic responses to get a human touch.

dynamic responses chatbot

a) Image

Use catchy images & visuals to add color to your chatbot conversations.

b) Buttons

Deliver an experience that doesn’t require typing and efforts become smooth

c) Card & Carousel

Add colorful product cards to show off your offer.

d) Quick replies

Suggest possible options to help your users take action.

6) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As per customer needs, AI algorithms works in the background.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot

a) Natural Language Processing

Interpret human speech and deliver well-tailored responses with NLP algorithms.

b) Machine Learning

ChatBot analyzes user input to continuously improve performance.

c) Entities

Ask email, phone number, location & company name to communicate and validate important data.

Chatbot Software Review : Integration

Chatbot brings very smooth integration with other favorite tools.

chatbot integrations

1) Chat Widget for ChatBot

Now you can customize chat communication for both mobile & app with contextual support for engagement for visitors, visitors support, generate quality leads & increase sales.

Examples– “Hii” “MAX” and provide a “Start chat” button for chatting.

2) ChatBot for LiveChat

Now, LiveChat is a very important integration with a chatbot because you can provide welcome, 24/7, FAQ, lead generation & appointment chatbot options for customer engagement and service in real-time and boost online sales.

3) ChatBot for Facebook Messenger

Get access to over 1.3 billion Facebook users by connecting chatbot with your Facebook fan page to followers & potential customers reach you to increase sales, boost engagement & support customers 24/7/365 by introducing personalized responses & customizable welcome messages by adding images, cards & carousels, buttons, and quick replies.

4) ChatBot for WordPress

Create multitasking chatbots for your website with no technical skills. Use ready-to-use a template and modify it with a drag & drop interface to engage, convert & support, use chatbot plugin from WordPress marketplace, and control essentials from within WordPress with welcome screen design,one-click management, and beautiful custom greetings to encourage visitors to communicate.

5) ChatBot for Slack

Create custom chatbots for Slack and streamline office workflow by creating multitasking chatbots to automate repetitive tasks without any programming skills to build your chatbot in slack & also automate workflow by onboarding new employees with the bot, speed up daily tasks, and let chatbot manage your calendar.
Use the ready-to-use template for customer service, lead generation, e-commerce, and recruitment bot.

6) ChatBot for Zapier

Connect your favorite apps and create powerful workflows with endless possibilities of services and tasks. Zapier lets you connect Chatbot to over 1500 apps without writing a line of codes also automates emails, creates calendar events, and adds leads to your CRM system for marketing, sales & support.

Chatbot Software Review : Pros & Cons

Chatbot Pros

  • ChatBot handled 313406 chats, which is 35% of the whole traffic over the last 3 years – the workload of 10 support agents managed by one ChatBot Story.
  • Chatbot integration with website is super easy, no technical skills required.
  • Chatbot is easily intergrated with livechat.
  • A effective software to automate online engagement with website
  • Improve business efficiency 27/7/365 days
  • It comes with feature-packed application with solid reliability, dependable integration, and robust reporting
  • Chatbot integrates reliably with Facebook Messenger, Web Pages, Landing Pages, and more.
  • Robust integration for ticket raising & reporting with connect with social media fanpage and followers
  • Respond to the most popular of simple questions we get from our customers like; the address of the company , what we do ,integrations our subscription rates etc
  • Chatbot helps unlimited number of customers in real time.
  • Chatbot resolves questions and queries below the expected time span.
  • Get quality sales leads & sales conversion to grow and accelarate business faster.

Chatbot’s use of friendliness and customizable approaches have helped to stand out from much other chat software.

Chatbot Cons

Chatbot has some amazing chat functions for the website but also comes with small limits.

  • Chatbot price must be worked on specially the starter plan where we get only 1 active chatbot.
  • Sometime it feels chatbot is preprogrammed far too long .
  • Free Trial should include more storage & support

The limitation of a chatbot are few and minimum and hence it’s the trusted AI chat website software.

Chatbot Software Review: Pricing

Chatbot offers amazing price flexibility with a wide range of features.

chatbot review price

Chatbot offers four pricing plans which are a starter, team, business, and enterprise.

1) Starter Price

The starter is best suited for small companies with $42/month billed annually or you can get at $50 month to month.

Chatbot starter price includes:-

  • 1 active chatbot
  • 1,000 valid chats/mo
  • Unlimited number of stories
  • 7-day training history
  • All integrations
  • Basic reporting
  • Data security

2) Team Price

Team price is best suited for a team in a growing company with $126/month billed annually or you can get at $149 month to month.

Chatbot team price includes:-

  • 5 active chatbots
  • 5,000 valid chats/mo
  • Unlimited number of stories
  • Unlimited training history
  • All integrations
  • Advanced reporting
  • Data security
  • Team collaboration
  • Button actions
  • Version history

3) Business Price

Business price is best suited for the team in a big company with $424/month billed annually or you can get at $499 month to month

Chatbot business price includes:-

  • Unlimited active chatbots
  • 25,000 valid chats/mo
  • Unlimited number of stories
  • Unlimited training history
  • All integrations
  • Advanced reporting
  • Data security
  • Team collaboration
  • Button actions
  • Version history
  • Personal onboarding
  • Premium customer support
  • Security assistance

4) Enterprise Price

Enterprise price is best suited for fortune 500 companies with a fixed-price contract with annual billing

Enterprise price includes:-

  • Unlimited active chatbots
  • Custom chat package
  • Unlimited number of stories
  • Unlimited training history
  • All integrations
  • Advanced reporting
  • Data security
  • Team collaboration
  • Button actions
  • Version history
  • Personal onboarding
  • Premium customer support
  • Security assistance
  • Chatbot building services
  • Chatbot maintenance
  • Custom integrations
  • Dedicated acc. manager

What Chatbot Alternatives Are There?

If you are still looking for any AI chat software for sale conversion and engagement, then below are the best AI chat software alternatives to Chatbot.

Here’s a look at some of the chat software that can rival Chatbot:


chatbot alternatives platform helps you create website chatbots with no code. The best chatbot tool for sales, marketing, and support. Trusted by over 25000 customers.

Pros :

  • Ease of use, simple interface, good customer support, user friendly
  • The ability to receive message through Whatspp
  • Interface Faster auto-conversation
  • Since it’s web based, it’s really easy to use and it generates the code automatically, that I have to paste into my website to use it.
  • Intuitive Interface & fabolus UI UX Features


  • Free version has lot many limitation

Pricing :

Collect. chat has a free price plan, then you can go for the Lite plan $24/month billed monthly, standard price plan $49/month billed monthly, plus plan $99/per month billed monthly.

2) MobileMonkey

mobilemonkey chatbot

Get MobileMonkey’s OmniChatR messaging platform for marketing and support in live chat, Instagram, SMS, and Facebook Messenger. MobileMonkey, Inc. is a platform for marketers to create, manage and promote their brands with AI chatbots. 

Pros :

  • The product is really easy to use, you don’t need any coding experience to start building your bots.
  • It has a great course on mobile messenger marketing.
  • MobileMonkey allows you to meet any “to-be-customer” at whatever stage they are at in their buying cycle to become a lead, to book an appointment, to buy directly.
  • Excellent, easy to use platform to grow your messenger marketing game.
  • Having a chatbot allowed me the time to fulfill my day-to-day functions and minimized my time spent replying to customers/prospects


  • Slightly more expensive
  • The process of chat with customer service via chat software on the web is long.


  • Mobilemonkey has 4 plans, for creators & brands, agencies, in house marketers, and SMB’s
  • Now for SMBs, the price starts at $14.25/month with an annual plan and $44.25/month with an annual plan.
  • For in house marketers its $44.25/month with an annual plan and $93.38/month with an annual plan
  • For agencies, it’s $112.13/month with an annual plan.

3) LiveChat

livechat chatbot

LiveChat – premium live chat software for business. Over 33000 companies from 150 countries use LiveChat.

Pros :

  • It’s simple to set up, configure, and use LiveChat. It has made a significant difference in how we connect with prospects who are in the stages of the business process.
  • We enjoy how simple it is, how it allows us to manage support queries in many languages, how it handles tickets, and how it handles reports.
  • We also enjoy how inexpensive it is in comparison to other options we’ve tried in the past. A straightforward chat platform that can be simply implemented into one or more websites.
  • It gives an opportunity to write direct messages to your clients when they are online.
  • Excellent analytics and reporting setup.
  • LiveChat has an easy-to-navigate UI. Most of the tabs you need are on the left and self-explanatory.


  • Very minor, but the chat widget sound options be more good
  • Glitchy notification system at times
  • We can have more lower price options


Livechat has four pricing plans, the starter has $16/month per agent billed annually, the team plan has $33/month per agent billed manually, a business plan has $50/month per agent billed annually and the enterprise plan needs a request call.

4) HelloTars

chatbot alternatives

Tars help marketing and customer support teams implement Website and WhatsApp Chatbots to improve customer engagement, increase conversions.


  • Overall, Tars has been useful and has led to some leads for my business
  • We also like that they have continually made improvements to the program. Good optimization for mobile users.
  • I liked the ease of set up and the customization capability.
  • The TARS team is very supportive, eager to improve their products, helpful with support and are great to work with.
  • The builder/dashboard is by far the best I have worked with.


  • I’d like more focus placed on UI elements in the near future.
  • Some design elements offer limited configuration, though it has improved quite a bit on that front over time.
  • Without basic technical knowledge you may find it difficult to start.


Tars have three price plans, a business plan is $499/month, a premium plan has $899/month and the enterprise plan is custom.

5) Zendesk chatbot

zendesk chat bot

Zendesk’s AI bot software and live chat software are designed to help you meet your customers where they are.


  • I love that its very user friendly to use ad easy to manage tasks. I love the interface make it easy to get tickets handled and provide the best customer service for my job.
  • Zendesk is super easy to use. Our Support team loves how simple it is to find and response to customer requests and issues. Zendesk also makes metrics tracking extremely easy with pre-fab dashboards that are quickly customizable.
  • I like Zendesk’s robust ticketing capabilities.
  • Zendesk is also capable of integrating with other systems such as Workday through API.


  • Price can be little lower


  • Zendesk chatbot for suite team plan is $49 per agent/month billed annually,suite growth $79 per agent/month billed annually & suite professional $99 per agent/month billed annually , plan for enterprises is $150 per agent/month billed anually.
  • Zendesk sales team plan $19/user/month billed annually,sell professional $49/user/month billed annually,sell enterprise $99/user/month billed annually.

How Do You Get Started With Chatbot Software?

Getting started with Chatbot is pretty straightforward.

The good news is that Chatbot offers 10% off the first payment, Signup Today!

Here are the steps to get set up.

First, click on the “Log- in” option from the top-right part of the website.

chatbot signup

Then, enter your email id and password and signup.

Now, get the view of the dashboard to create a chatbot.

create chatbot

Now, put story name and story description and “create”.

chatbot create story

Now, enter attributes to make your chatbot.

chatbot dashboard

Avoid This Mistake When Starting A AI Website Chatbot Software

Before purchasing chatbot software, keep the following aspects in mind.

The majority of chatbot software is cloud-based & hence data security and privacy are a concern especially for digital payment companies and banks where mobile numbers, customer ids, and email are often used. Hence, every business and enterprise must logically investigate cloud-based software companies for data protection and privacy and therefore carefully read the review and ratings.

A chatbot must be simple & easy. There are two types of chatbot software, preprogrammed and programmed.

Hence, the admin must understand the difference and capabilities to create a chatbot easily and if required to recruit a technical expert for chat software then do it because the chat function is very vital for your business growth and brand.


A chatbot is one of the few AI chat software that has completely changed the cloud chat software market.

I’m willing to bet that it’ll be incredibly useful for you, too.

Apart from their top-tier features, Chatbot performance and usability are also among the best AI chat software.

At the very least, I highly suggest you start a free trial. When it’s over or if you’re satisfied, come back & click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, 14-day free trial is offered by Chatbot software.
You can have integration with -
  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. LiveChat
  3. Chat Widget
  4. Slack
  5. WordPress
  6. Zapier

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