Definition & Comparison Between B2B & B2C Sales

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Define B2B Sales?

B2B Sales is termed as business to business sales means a sales or selling happening between two businesses (Examples: Rax Corporation selling foam to Aboy Industries).

B2b Sales has a lengthy sales closure process;7 days, 15 days, or 3 months.

Sales contract or order size involves a high ticket size amount.

B2b Sales is performed on work order, advance payment and full payment.

Define B2C Sales?

B2C Sales is termed as business to customers sales means a sales or selling happening between business and customers (Examples: Mr. Rakesh Anthony purchases shoes from Nike)

B2C Sales has a shorter sales cycle; ½ hours, 3hours, or 1 day

Sales contract or order size is small. B2C Sales is performed on full payment & EMI.

B2B Examples

  1. Alibaba

2. Indiamart

3. Order Space

B2C Examples

  1. Amazon

2. Book My Show

3. Big Bazaar

Comparison between B2B Sales & B2C Sales

Mode Of SalesCall, Email, Chats, Video’s and Face to Face MeetingsWalk-in
Sales Closure Period7 days to 3 months1 day
Sales Order Size LargeSmall
Sales PurposeRelationship BuildingMaximize Transaction
Brand StrategyOnline PresenceOnline & Offline Presence
Sales ReturnLess or NoneHigh or Moderate
Product or Service CostHigh Low
Service Involvement HighHigh
Training InvolvementHigh Low
Celebrity EndorsementLow High
Discount Involvement Low High
Owner InvolvementHighLow
Legal ConsiderationMediumHigh
Delivery15 days to 3yrs3 to 7 days
Tax BenefitHighLow
New Product LaunchLowHigh
Cost for running businessMediumHigh
“comparison may vary as per product/services”


Whether it’s B2B Sales or B2C Sales one aspect is common “ people” , hence in both salespeople/consumers look for benefits and differentiation. Hence, we need to build world-class products and services to maximize sales.

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