Do you want to make a career in sales? Must Read before taking decision.

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The truth about sales in real life and world is only one ” Selling” as because sales bring revenue and profits to the company. Sales as a career is “demanding job “ as because you need to perform every second ,every minutes and every hour . In simple language “Sales require performance” or you need to be a “cash cow”.

Taking sales as a career is not at easy decision for any freshers because you know “Sales means Target” ,you can only grow in sales if you are “result oriented not effort oriented “ because efforts are appreciated and result are rewarded, if you don’t perform you are out immediately as well. Sales as career is not a cup of tea for every one ,hence if you are not finding job you often take sales as a career and end up dissatisfied.

Qualities required in salesperson

Do you want to make career in sales ,hence you must have undermentioned qualities .

After reading the qualities of salesperson, if you find that you don’t have any or any 3 off those then don’t get into sales or selling.

1. Aggressive

You must be aggressive , you are not aggressive you will offen loose the deal . Customer friendly and humble people are not made for sales . Sales person must be courageous and brave with thick skin .

2. Handle Pressure

Its true that when you choose sales as a career you have to handle huge target pressure . Sales pressure is very frustrating and irritating which every body cannot handle .


Have seen sales manager calling in late night and having a conference call with 10 people ,howling and shouting with mixture of some vulgar language . Its not Pressure actually its Crusher .

3. Hunger For Incentives

If you want to make career in sales then you must have hunger for additional income or incentive . Choose sales only when you only care about incentive and not your fixed salary. As after handwork in sales you don’t earn incentive then all is nil in sales .

4. Salary

Salary is just the by product of your handwork , hence many company give complete salary even if sales person did not meet their monthly sales target but in the other hand some companies deduct a percentage of salary or even fire immediately without no reason .Therefore you have to be ready.

5. Travelling

Sales means target + travelling. Intense travelling is required within the city or outside ,hence if you are not travel friendly or don’t love travelling then its a problem creator in the middle of the job ,hence in the initial clear out the travel structure in your job.


But also Sales as a career is the fast growing option as because the growth attached to sales is immense. Sales always supports you with additional incentive which you don’t get in back office or technical or back end service job . Sales has speedy growth as compared to accounts or hr or technical or back end .

Another reason you should take sales as a career because you will experience different kinds of human beings and their behavior which will help in better decision making in your life.

Hence :

S= Samay

A= Aggressive

L= Learn

E= Earn

S= Save

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