Fresh Covid-19 Increase Frighten Holi Enthusiasm Sales 2021


India : 22nd March 2021

Holi in India is celebrated with great enthusiasm and energy because Holi is a festival of color and happiness.

But increase in covid -19 cases again has frightened the sentiments of business ,economy and people . Country saw a decrease in coronavirus cases in month of November 2020 to February 2021 . But sudden increase in Covid 19 Case has created a psychological barrier in the mindset of end consumer which is the ” lockdown”

During 2020 lockdown ,the Indian economy shrinked 70% with decreased cash flow with manufacturing, real estate, travel ,hotels ,advertisement and many other sectors being a worst hit in 2020.

A speedy increase in coronavirus cases is an alert for economy and business.

Covid Data represented from November 2020 to March 2021New Cases

Month Covid 19 New Cases
November 202031,116
December 202020,549
January 202113,044
February 202115,510
March 202150,000 +

Covid Data represented from November 2020 to March 2021

“Trader from Allahabad said customer are not showing interest for purchase as last year we started Holi sales for color, rangoli ,gulal and water guns a week before”.

Wholesaler having shop in Patna (Bihar) said we have purchase stock 40% less than the previous year.

“We have purchase holi mask and water color guns more this time , less stock purchase is made for gulal and colors-Nagpur shop owner ”

” We will open Holi stall after 25th March 2021 as we know the sales is down – Delhi retail shop owner”

The sentiments of customer are hit because of the “lockdown fear” as March 2021 Coronavirus cases have increased to 50,000.

Sentiments of customer are hit by fear and death due to coronavirus and saving urgency if lockdown happens .

Hence , we have need to follow guideline , wear mask , sanitize and maintain social distancing .

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