How To Build Long Term Relationship In Sales Calls [ Do’s and Don’ts ]

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In this article , we will learn and unlearn the secret of building relationship in sales call.

The first question is mind is : “why it is important to build relationship in sales meeting or sales call or sales appointment “

Sales is all about making deals and generating revenue. Sales does not happen in first meeting in general but require 3-7 follow-up for final closure . Sometimes customer does not make the deals due to lack of trust and transparency , hence building rapport in sales call is the “game of survival” . 

Customer always look for trust factor ,hence a sales person must build relationship with customer for higher ticket size deal.

Sales person every day should try focus of relationship building so has he can leverage references and conversion . 

How To Build Sales Relationship ?

“DO “

1. Understand the need 

In sales relationship building it is very imperative is to understand the need of your customer .The core  to any solution is the need of customer . Some times customer can convey what they need but many times customer don’t know the need , hence you have to ask specific questions about business, customers, payment terms , marketing strategy etc.  Understanding the need to make sales call more prominent for larger chance of closing the deal . Need some times any exist but some time sales person have to create the need.

2. Listen 

Hearing and listening are two different side of coin. Listening always refer to good understanding  of  customer and his need . Listening provide a great insight of customer behavior. Listing is a process in entire sales call . Listen more than you talk otherwise the entire meeting will be boring and monotonous and change of getting the conversion will be lower than you thought .

3. Give Example

Relationship building is very crucial task because will be lead to sales conversion where trust plays a very important role . Hence to build trust you have to give examples of your existing client  so as the customers can relate to you . You have to share other client success story with them and the obstacle they have faced and how your team has solved them . Examples bring clarity and conviction during the sales call.  

4.  Solve question 

It has been seen that sales person always remain in hurry . Stop for 1 second ,first answer client question . You need to understand that question by customers are just hiccups and barrier in the mind of customer ,if solved patiently , the chance of conversion remain high. Use examples, statistics ,facts and support of your senior or other team members supports to answer the questions of customers. And always remembers while answering the questions don’t lie or make false promises. 

5. Convey what you can deliver

 It has been observed that sales person always over commit to the clients to get the sales order which is disaster for you and the company brand image . Remember ,always less commit and over deliver and this will make client delightful . Some times its also seem over commitment happens at the time of  achieving sales target . Maintaining high level of quality depend on delivery .

“DON’T “

1. Talkative

Talking and talking does not leads to sales conversion ,hence it will lead to failure . Salesperson offen feel more talking or speak more or sharing more information lead to sales conversion , hence its not true . Stop talking  but infact build understanding. You need to understand that you have come for a sales call ; selling is connected with demonstration of product and services ,hence redirect your talking into demonstration.

2.  Depth

In-depth information and knowledge is important but unnecessary depth is harmful

 Example: measured depth to build swimming pool is good but depth without measurement of swimming pool will lead for accident or death in water . In same case , while interaction with clients don’t go into  much of  unnecessary depth of a topic or any technical ,try to keep the communication very simple . Unnecessary depth of any topic with the client will make the customer confuse , hence communicate only what is required .

3. Speed

Again as I said earlier , speed is good but over speed is dangerous . Why be in a hurry ? Biggest loss of a sales person is being an speed and talkative . When you are in speed during a sales call it means that meeting is not important to you or it may be possible that you have to reach somewhere , then in this case its better to postpone or reschedule the meeting . Speed over a limit can cause sales damage and a payment paying client is missed. Speed of sales transaction is good but not speed of communication.

4.  Too Aggressive

Aggressiveness does not work in every sales meeting , every sales person during the sales call must evaluate on being aggressive or not . Example: Sales man forcing customer to purchase the product now even after the customer has said no to purchase ,can break and damage the sales relationship . 

Every sales person must focus on closing the sales on spot but if it does not happen don’t overforce the customer . Infact,sales person should try to understand why the client has said NO and work accordingly.

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