How to sell credit card | 17 Best Cold Calling Sales Pitch For Selling Credit Card.



A credit card is an electronic card that always supports you when you require money on credit and repayment has to be made within the time duration to avoid interest and hence today credit card penetration in urban cities has increased by 75% but still, tier II & tier III cities are lacking behind.

A Credit Card is sold by companies like Kotak Mahindra Bank, American Express, State Bank Of India, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, HDFC Bank, and many others and all these financial banking companies follow sales scripts or sales pitches on how to sell credit cards.

Now, let’s understand that credit cards are offered to the customer in 2 ways – Paid Credit Cards and Free Credit Cards, hence now let’s look at the 11 best sales scripts or sales pitches on how to sell credit cards to customers with examples freely and easily.

purpose is to show credit card

How to sell credit cards?

You know only 75% of the sales professional achieves their sales quota with flying numbers and others just mess up and the difference observed is the “attitude”.  I personally feel sales is easy than service, but then why do many of salesperson quit their job and look for a different option and one reason is the huge sales target pressure and result.

We understand some customers are tuff to sell and even emotional selling does not matter to them but they are our potential customers, hence  I viewed what salesperson is not doing correctly so as they are not able to achieve their sales target on time and others do.

Where and why are they lacking, hence I found some key points that will help a salesperson to solve a question that is how to sell credit cards?

1. Product Knowledge

Friends, there is no shortcut to sales and hence first and very important part of selling credit cards to the customer or HOW to sell credit cards starts with in-depth product knowledge. This is the right attitude toward sales, I personally viewed salespeople are in a great hurry to jump into the field for interacting with customers that they forget that WITHOUT product knowledge everything is secondary.

purchase is to show the product knowledge of credit card

Product knowledge is the master key to sell and there is no shortcut to it.

Product knowledge comprises of industry, competitor, and own product in-depth study.

2. Prepare an amazing sales pitch

This is a confidence-boosting way to sell credit cards, preparing a sales pitch or sales script determines whether you will be able to sell credit cards or not. While preparing a sales pitch it is important to keep in mind that sales pitch should be attention-grabbing and not attention breaking.

Hence in a sales pitch, everything matters your energy, voice tone, your salutation, and communication.


Attention Breaking Sales Pitch :

Sales Executive: Hello sir/ma’am, we are offering promotional credit cards, hence are you interested in making a purchase.

Customer: Not Interested.

Attention-Grabbing  Sales Pitch :

Sales  Executive: Morning sir/ma’am, this is Anurag Singh from FTY bank providing you a pre-approved international visa credit card on your birthday, hence required a couple of signatures to deliver.

Customer: Sure.

Keep in mind the communication part, very important.

You can’t communicate a sales pitch in Hindi to a Bengali customer or a south Indian customer, hence you have to know which language they are comfortable in.

3. Practice sales pitch

“Practice makes a man perfect” you must have heard of this statement couple of time in your life which is 100% true, hence let take an example:-

  1. A lot of practice  made you learned bicycle
  2. A lot of practice made you passed your maths exam
  3. A lot of practice made you dance performer
  4. A lot of practice made you a writer
  5. A lot of practice made you a chef.
purpose is show importance of practicing credit cards

There is no shortcut to practice and this practice will help you sell credit cards.

The way you can opt for the practice of selling credit cards is-

  1. practice sales pitch by yourself through reading ,learning and writing
  2. Involve one person with you and make him customer and ask him to put any type of credit card question and hence practice.

This is a medium of how you can sell credit cards.

Some of the credit cards question & answer is present in the FAQ section below this amazing article.

4. Customer Research

Know your customers well, hence there are two types of customers –b2b & b2c and both require in-depth research about their profile to sell credit cards.

Remember customer research is a part of the sales cycle.

Now, social media platform, business community platforms and bank data itself is a master too to provide you with huge customer insight.

How to let’s understand what you want to research in b2b and b2b customers before selling credit cards.

B2C or (Business to customers)

  1. What is the current and last relation with the bank
  2.  What is the credit score of the customer
  3. Is the customer already having a credit card
  4. Does the customer travel within or outside India
  5. Is the customer active on social media

B2B  or (Business to business)

  1. What is the current and last relation with the bank
  2. Customer business category
  3. No. of the employee in the business or company
  4. Existence of business
  5. Social responsibility of business
  6. Future Plans

Bold mark points above must be researched to create a strong base of knowledge and confidence that you easily sell credit cards to customers.

5. Interaction with customers

The final day has come for any salesperson that is interacting with the customers that are selling credit cards.

purpose is to show communication with  customers  for credit cards

Here, interaction REFER to a telephonic conversation with the customers but few important points that need to be taken care of so as you can sell credit cards to customers are –

  1. Energy in voice

A lot of salespeople lose their telephonic conversation with the customer because the customer can easily sense the voice delivery of the salesperson and hence rejection happen, therefore energy in the voice should be high so the customer can grab the attention of your call easily.

2. Tone of voice

The tone of voice is very important and must be taken care of, a loud, arrogant, and aggressive voice often lose the interaction within few words itself, hence use a respectable and humble tone to deliver your sales pitch.

3 .  Clear Network and voice

A clear network of your mobile or landline phone also plays an important role in selling credit cards to customers, unclear network and voice create frustration and irritation in the mind of the customer and he/she can lose interest.

6. Meet customers

The MOST AWAITED day in any salesperson’s life is meeting customers because customer interaction means business and business means sales revenue and sales target achievement.

purpose is to show credit card selling  technique script of problem and solution

But when meeting customers physically in residence and office to sell your credit card few factors must be taken care of-

  1. Carry company identification

 Customers don’t trust strangers when they have to make a purchase hence they trust the brand. Carrying company identification and showing it to customers during sales meetings is a wonderful signal of sales and customer relationships.

2. Carry credit card form and brochure

During sales meet with customers we carry credit cards form but forget to carry brochures and leaflets which can increase your sales. During the meeting customer can any time ask you for a brochure for reference.

3. Salesperson presentability

I know a salesperson that lost his credit cards sales because he went to meet the customer in slippers/sandal during rainy season and customer denied for credit cards.

You never know what the will customer ask and see to make his buying decision, therefore be prepared before credit card sales meeting.

4. Provide solution to customer

When you meet a customer it is very important to understand the customer’s needs and pain points and offer him the solution. Customer LOVES salesperson who can guide them in decision making through consultation and solutions to their problems.

And the easiest way to offer solutions to customers is by “asking the different questions on credit cards” and HENCE to will sell credit cards to customers.

7. Handle objections

The biggest barrier to sell a credit card is handling the objection of the CUSTOMER and no one likes handling the objection because we doubt might that objection from a customer means not he/she is not interested but this is not true.

objection handling for credit cards

If objection handle well you will sell credit card.

Lets’ take an objection handle sales pitch:

Sales Reps: Morning ma’am, this is Kuldeep from KIO bank and we are providing shopping credit cards on your saving account relationship.

Customer: ok, is it a free or paid credit card?

Sales Reps: Ma’am it’s paid credit card, costing you Rs 1999 annually.

Customer:  No.No, I don’t want to pay.

Sales Reps: Ma’am, yes you are paying it once but the same Rs 1999 you can redeem after 3 months on your shopping, hence it becomes free after 3 months if you calculate.

Customer: Ok, what do I have to do?

You can clearly view how an objection is turned into a sale of credit cards.

8. Be aggressive

One is the most important characteristics of a salesperson is aggressiveness.

be aggressive for selling credit cards

In lot, many sales cold calls or meeting it is found that salesperson become aggressive when it’s not required and this lead to failure in sells of credit cards

Aggressiveness is an attitude of a person when used in the right way and at right time it can create sales wonder for your product and you can SELL credit cards easily.

Aggressiveness is required depending on the situation –

  1. Late payment collection
  2. Time required but always make an excuse
  3. Balance payment collection is the due date
  4. Losing sales due to comparison with competitors
  5. After the meeting customer wants to rethink
  6. When below monthly sales target
  7. Reaching customer location on time
  8. Closure at the spot
  9. The customer is confused between the 2 products
  10.  Customer mind changed due to influencer

Last but not least aggressiveness in sales will lead to the selling of credit cards.

9. Sign Up

Asking for sales orders, finalization of products, and giving signup is a very critical part because this will determine the customer will purchase your product and service or not. BUT, I have analyzed that many salespeople hesitate in asking for credit cards sign and giving customers time to think and rethink.

sign up for credit cards by customer

Personally, it’s a debatable topic that shall we provide customers time to think for purchase a credit card or not but many experts and professionals have different views and opinions on it.

I personally don’t love to provide customers time to think and decide on credit cards because the credit card is not a technical product it’s about facilities and services and hence the decision has to straightway “YES” or “NO” plus if you don’t ask for signup the how will you get sells or come to know whether the customer is convinced or not.

But my every sales pitch or script build asks the customer to sign up immediately after their objections are answered (if raised) because the right timing means to sell.

10. References

customer reference for credit card

This area is the weakest even today while selling credit cards to customers, I have personally seen very few credit cards customer asking for selling references of some other customers and this is how you sell credit cards.

When you meet one customer get a reference from the customer at least 3 so your sell is easy on a credit card because reference selling brings trust and transparency over others.

Make a HABIT to ask customers to provide REFERENCE.

11. Re-sell

Most great salespeople love to resell credit cards to customers to increase their sales ratio quickly and easily. MOST salespeople have a key difference that is –

  1. Believe in one time sales of credit cards
  2. Resell credit card to the same customers

Now, let understand with EXAMPLE:

Sales Reps: Morning ma’am, this is Neha Dubey from BBN bank

Customer: YES, tell me?

Sales Reps: Ma’am, you are already holding a duplex CREDIT CARD of BBN bank, and hence, we want to update or provide you with a new platinum supreme extreme black card especially for international facilities.

Customer: OK

Sales Reps: NEED to meet for signature on credit cards form.

See, you can sell more than one credit card to the same customer and can increase your sales volume quickly and EASILY.

Let’s Understand A Bad Sales Pitch For Selling Credit Card

Around 40 hrs. of working time in a week for a credit card promoter or credit cards sales representative to make a cold call or interaction with customers for selling credit cards with handling objection, calling and pitching sales script to convenience customer to make a credit card purchase and achieve is sales quota.

a wrong sales pitch can kill your deal

Hence, among them, few achieve their sales target and few lacks behind and there are 3 major reasons for it –

  1. Low Calling Energy
  2. Pitching like a robot
  3. Lack of aggressiveness

Let’s understand the top 3 ordinary daily sales pitches by a credit card promoter or representative:-

Sales Pitch 1We are offering you a credit card and the phone is disconnected

Sales Pitch 2Are you looking for a credit card and reply is don’t call again.

Sales Pitch 3 – I have called you regarding credit cards and the reply is don’t disturb me.

After hearing the first few lines of the above 3 sales pitches customer will do one thing “break the call”,” disconnect the phone “,” block your phone number “.

What went wrong: Your sales script is very ordinary and general, IT DID NOT CONNECT WITH THE CUSTOMER OR DID NOT GRABBED CUSTOMER ATTENTION”. First, the few words of your sales pitch will decide whether customers will listen or make a purchase of your credit cards.

Now, Let’s understand the top 3 ATTENTION GRABBING sales pitches by a credit card promoter or representative:-

prepare a good sales pitch

Sales Pitch 1 – Morning Sir/ Ma’am, A premium credit card is approved in your name.

Sales Pitch 2Evening Sir/ Ma’am (take the name, if you know), is it a good time to talk, Yes, we have come up with an RBI or Central Bank approved premium credit card.

Sales Pitch 3 – Hello Sir/ Ma’am, this is Rajeev Tiwary, Corporate Sales Promoter of GYY bank, we are saving 20% of expenses through the use of credit cards.

(Now, if you look above we have used words like morning, evening, hello, rbi, central bank, corporate sales manager, GYY bank, saving, and expense these words are attention-grabbing keywords, hence you have to use attention keywords in your credit cards sales pitch because you need to understand customer get a hundred calls a day to purchase some products or the other, hence why will he/she listen to you and therefore let’s understand in more details “how to sell credit cards to the customer fast”.)

Sales Pitch For Selling Credit Card To Customers

Sales pitch 1 with examples for bank internal employees

Scenario 1

Suppose you are an XSR bank sales representative and you have to sell credit cards to the same XSR bank employees working in different departments or may have joined XSR bank recently.

Examples 1

“Sales Representative sales pitch to new employees of XSR banks for FREE Credit Card “

Sales Reps – Morning Sir/Ma’am, am I speaking to Kaushal Nayak/ Sreeji Mathew {take the name of customer}.

Customers – Yes, this is Kaushal Nayak/ Sreeji Mathew, who is it?

Sales Reps – Sir/ Ma’am, this is Ajay Singh; Corporate sales manager, calling from XSR bank, sir/ma’am actually you recently joined XSR bank last month, hence we are offering free premium credit cards to our new joiners as a welcome, therefore just require your couple of signatures to delivery the credit card within 7 working days, hence can we meet at 11:30 am for signatures. { you will get “YES” as an answer always because the employee feels privileged and delighted that XSR bank is offering then joining gift and customers don’t ask much or no questions}

Customers – Yes

Sales Reps: Pls guide me to your branch/location address, I will be on time.

Examples 2 – “Sales Representative sales pitch to new employees of XSR banks for PAID Credit Card “.

Sales Reps: Morning Sir/Ma’am, am I speaking to Rajeev Nandi / Garima Singh {take the name of customer}.

Customers – Yes, this is Rajeev Nandi / Garima Singh, may I know who’s on the line call?

Sales Reps – Sir/ Ma’am, this is Max Todi; Sales manager, calling from XSR bank, sir/ma’am actually you recently joined XSR bank last month, hence we are offering premium credit cards to our new joiners as a welcome, therefore just need to meet you in this regards and couple of signatures to delivery the credit card with 15 working days, hence can we meet at 11:30 am for signatures.

{ Remember to avoid pitching the “PAID” word on the phone until customers don’t ask because face2face meeting in sales is more valuable.}

Customers – Yes

Sales Reps: Pls guide me to your branch/location address, I will be on time.

Customer: Pls note down the branch location.

Sales Reps: { when you meet the customer } Sir/ Ma’am, this is Max Todi, Sales Manager, as discussed over the phone, XSR bank has approved premium PAID credit card.

Customers: What it’s a paid credit card, but you said on the phone that it’s for new joiners hence its should be a free credit card because XSR bank is offering a to its employees, why did you not mentioned it on phone itself?


Sales Reps: Sir/Ma’am, this is a premium credit card as per your designation and level (maybe asset head- personal banking division) in the bank/company, hence how the bank can offer you a cheap and low credit card, hence it’s chargeable.

Secondly, the benefit and advantage in this credit cards is unmatchable with any other credit card in our industry (highlight the premium benefits of credit cards pointwise 1… 2.. 3 )

Thirdly, the price of a credit card is very reasonable for employees of XSR bank like the example, you get is cards for Rs 1999 yearly but retail customers get these cards for Rs 3999 yearly, that is how you are saving Rs 2000 yearly and if you calculate you are only paying Rs 167 per month that is around Rs 5 per day for this amazing credit cards and I believe you can make this small payment also you don’t have to make the payment now, you can make payment after 1 month on your first bill, hence sir/ma’am, please sign the credit card form !!!

{ If the customer says not interested, you need to show the customers what he/she will lose if he/she didn’t purchase the credit cards but when coming to pricing, you have to make your pricing a strength by dividing and reducing the total price or giving examples of employees of XSR bank who have made a purchase, so as the customer is delighted to make a purchase, this credit card sales pitch example is a sure shot winner}

Customers: Ok, where I need to sign.

Sales pitch 2 with examples for external customers of the bank.

Scenario 1

If suppose the customer has a saving account or car loan with DFG Bank and you have to sell FREE CREDIT CARD to him/her and you are a credit card promoter in DFG Bank.

Examples 1

Credit Card Promoter: Morning Sir/ Ma’am, I am John Mathew calling from DFG bank, sir/ma’am you have an elite saving account with our bank, hence we are providing you with a golden clip base credit cards, hence require a couple of signatures to deliver it within a week, can we meet today at 3:30 at your even park residence?

{ this sales pitch works for 95% to sell credit cards fast and this is how we can sell credit cards}

Customer: Ok, come at 4 pm

Credit Card Promoter: Sure, I will be on time.

Scenario 2

If suppose the customer has a saving account or car loan with DFG Bank and you have to sell PAID CREDIT CARD to him/her and you are a credit card promoter in DFG Bank.

Example 2

Credit Card Promoter: Hello Ma’am/Sir, this is Priya Singh from DFG bank, you have a car loan of Rs 14 lakhs or $20,000 with our bank, as all your EMI dues are paid on time, DFG bank is offering you a premium card against car loan, just require a couple of signatures to deliver within 7 working days, hence can we meet today at 12:30 pm for your valuable signatures.

Customer: Ok, come.

Credit Card Promoter: Ma’am /Sir, this is Priya Singh from DSG bank, we have a word over the phone, Ma’am /Sir, this is a premium credit card for car loan holders (explain the benefits) with Rs 2999 as a one-time joining cost.

Customer: What? it has to join cost of Rs 2999, hence I AM NOT INTERESTED, if you have any free card then I can buy?

Credit Card Promoter: Ma’am/Sir, see you are having a car loan worth Rs 14 Lakhs so how can a reputed bank issue you an ordinary credit card with fewer benefits, this credit card carries referral benefits which no other credit card is providing yet. Would like to know, if it does not add value I will go?

{ when a customer says no it mean some barrier in mind, hence ask a question, why ma’am /sir you are not purchasing the credit card so as you can come to know the mind objection and once the customer conveys you, hit so hard with your high benefit of credit cards by making a suspense environment that he/she say ” Yes I Want To Buy”}

Customer: Ok, what is it?

Credit Card Promoter: Ma’am/Sir, you have a high-value car of $20000, hence your car will require two things which is unavoidable, 1st– Petrol/Diesel and 2nd – Service, this credit card solves and saves you, now if you buy petrol/diesel get instant 10% cashback for your health care and secondly, first 3 service is completely free and if you refer one customer for car purchase to our bank,4 services you can save 35% of your money instantly. Now, pls sign the credit card form.

{if you analyze the above sales reps discussion, he/she has shown benefits of urgency, one must show customers that what if/she will lose if he/she don’t make the purchase and secondly, sales reps have asked for instant signature on credit card form, this is a good strategy because, if you give the customer time to think and decide then you will lose sell, hence be aggressive here. this is how we can sell credit cards fast}

Important keypoints for writing a sales cold calling script

Only 75% of sales professionals succeed in the sales profession and others quit the job responsibility very soon because they don’t have the right attitude required in sales. When don’t jump directly into movie acting or start giving a speech on Independence day but before that, we do homework of writing a fabulous script in the field we are in and then perform, hence the same idea of writing script applies in sales.

The top 3 keypoint for writing a sales cold calling script are as follows-

1. Product & Competitor Research

Before moving into the main subject of cold calling one must clear out some facts and statistics of the product and the competitor in the credit cards industry. Apart from knowledge of his/her credit card product, a salesperson should garner extreme value knowledge of competitors as well.

The following knowledge of competitor’s products in the credit cards industry will help you handle objections and increase your sell ratio.

Study top 3-5 competitors and their products on the following points:-

  1. Reward Point (domestic & international)
  2. Credit limit
  3. Sign Up & Joining fees
  4. Interest rates
  5. Billing Cycle
  6. International facilities.
  7. Service

When you prepare your cold calling sales script to pitch to your potential customers you must have answers to all the above points to have an extra edge during live sales cold calls.

2. Customer Know how

The best warrior is who the strength and weakness of their enemy and this statement perfectly applies in cold call sales script where every salesperson must know about the customer insight or KYC to understand the insight and customer behavior which will help salesmen to sell credit cards easily.

Now the question arises we are can get the customer insights or know the customer behavior, hence this is possible if you work in a bank or through social media.

Now how to implement the customer insight lets understand –

  • You know the customer has 2 car loans from your bank then you can have a cold call sales pitch of credit cards which have petrol/diesel facility like cash back or rewards point redemption of oil and so on.
  • You know the customer has 2 car loans from your bank then you can have a cold call sales pitch of credit cards which have petrol/diesel facility like cash back or rewards point redemption of oil and so on.
  • You know the customer has 2 car loans from your bank then you can have a cold call sales pitch of credit cards which have petrol/diesel facility like cash back or rewards point redemption of oil and so on.
  • You know the customer has 2 car loans from your bank then you can have a cold call sales pitch of credit cards which have petrol/diesel facility like cash back or rewards point redemption of oil and so on.
  • You know the customer has 2 car loans from your bank then you can have a cold call sales pitch of credit cards which have petrol/diesel facility like cash back or rewards point redemption of oil and so on.
Know your customer

Hence, prepare a study of customer know-how will help to prepare cold call sales scripts to sell credit cards.

3. Own product research and knowledge

If you write a cold call sales script for credit cards than making a study and writing on competitors and customers, it is equally important to write the sales script keeping in mind your products.

Writing cold call sale script must include your products and service as well to balance the whole sales script writing on credit cards from the basics.

Hence, your product sales cold calling script is no different on the main points, but the difference lies in the product benefit in the same heads. When customers object when comparing your products to others, you have a very robust answer to say.

Hence, below mentioned are bullet points taken into consideration before writing sales script on own products:-

  1. Reward Point (domestic & international)
  2. Credit limit
  3. Sign Up & Joining fees
  4. Interest rates
  5. Billing Cycle
  6. International facilities.
  7. Service

Do your homework very well to write a master class cold calling sales script for credit cards.

17 Best Cold Calling Sales Pitch For Selling Credit Card.

Well, every salesperson is looking for the best cold calling sales pitch for selling credit cards to customers fast. Hence, this part of the article will answer every question and doubt regarding the selling cold call techniques of credit cards to customers.

1. Open with a dynamic sales pitch

Cold calling means calling to an unknown, hence why will he/she listen to you when he/she gets 100 calls every day for some products or the other. Hence, it’s possible when you have a dynamic sales pitch that can grab the attention of customers in one go.

cold call sales pitch

Let’s understand with examples:

  1. Hello sir/ma’am, an international premium credit card is approved in your name.

2. Evening ma’am/ sir, first many congratulations on your 45 birthday.

3. Morning, congratulation on 5yrs relation with YGR bank.

4. Hello ma’am /sir, is it, Mr. Kelvin Shaw.

5. Hello ma’am/sir, congratulation to have 980 as your credit card score.

Above all are great sales pitches to grab customer attention.

2. I will call you back

This is a very common response from every customer that I will call you back or I am busy. Now sometimes if the customer is not interested then he/she may give such a response.

Now, in this scenario, you have to be super aggressive.

This is how you can handle such a response. Check out this cold-calling pitch.

Sales Reps: Hello sir/ma’am, this is Rupa Sekhar from ZZD bank.

Customer: What is this regarding?

Sales Reps: Ma’am, this is regarding premium credit cards.

Customer: Ok, I will call you back.

Sales Reps: Sure ma’am, but the same response I get from many valuable customers and there is no return call back, now give me 3 min because the credit card is very rare and valuable to your expense and savings. Please it’s a request.

Customers: Ok, tell me.

3. Make use of numbers

A lot of sales representatives miss out on using numbers, facts & statistics during sales cold calls and this is a big mistake. When you use numbers it grabs customer attention and the chance of sell is higher than usual.

The use of numbers is tested sales techniques to get customer attention.

Let me show your, how number makes your sales pitch amazing.

You: Hello sir/ma’am, this is Calvin XG from ASR 1st bank

Customer: How I can help you?

You: Sir, ASR bank is providing you with A-rated 100% visa accepted master credit cards for your family.

See, how the impact of a sales pitch, use of numbers will generate customer curiosity to listen to your col calling sales pitch.

4. Use discount and offers strategy

Discounts and offers work amazingly when pitch to customers at right time and in the right way and hence sell happens.

Let’s look at his sales script of discounts and offers and how it works.

Sales Reps: Hello John, this is Robert Yan, AWA is providing 7 yrs membership with an age group of 30yrs -45 yrs and a 21% discount on all purchases made by our visa credit card. Would you like to grab the opportunity now because of the limited membership?

See, how discount triggers the mindset of customers in a very quick way and leads to faster sales of credit cards.

But, it does not mean the customer does not want to spend money but discounts and offers are just a psychological mindset.

5. I already have 5 credit cards

This is the question we are waiting for. Now every customer is carrying 2-5 credit cards because some of the credit cards are free and credit cards have a limit to use.

Hence, now customers don’t want to carry more credit cards in their wallets but we have to sell credit cards.

Hence, let see this amazing sales script on how to sell credit card.

Sales Rep: Hello sir/ma’am, this is Rekha Gupta from GKD Bank.

Customer: What is this regarding?

Sales Rep: Sir, we are offering platinum credit cards which are internationally accepted.

Customer: Oh No? I have too many credit cards, Not anymore.

Sales Rep: Yes sir, I very well understand that you hold too many credit cards and you are not interested in one more, that’s completely fine. But, I would like to ask that you must be facing customer service support, usability support in terms of interest rates and cash withdrawal. Right? Here, we have a unique value proposition was the service is solved over the WhatsApp button itself and the interest rate is only 24% as compared to other credit cards with 44% interest rates also cash withdrawal does not have any cost.

See, in the above conversation, you need to ask questions to customers on their existing credit cards and find the pain points of customers and then pitch them with the unique selling proposition of your credit card.

Hence, you will sell the credit cards and if this even does not work then the last technique is that you need to come up with emotional pitch ideas of a salary cut, job loss, target failure, and so on that customers make the purchase.

6. Who gave you my number

When you cold call, the customer is very curious to know how you have got my phone number because they often have a question in my mind it’s my personal details leaked or hacked, hence its cold calling question is very sensitive because it may lead to legal action.

Hence, let’s look at how to answer this cold calling customer question sensitively.

Sales Executive: Hello Sir, this is Vicky Dolt from ARJ Financial and we are providing a top-level credit card to our esteemed customers during festive seasons.

Customer: How did you get my number?

Sales Executive: Great question sir, our company collects customer data from various platforms like social media, events and trade fairs, google searches, and so on, hence we received your valuable contact.

You have to handle such sensitive questions with humility and politeness so as customers feel that what is being conveyed is correct.

7. There is no differentiation

Now, when cold calling one question that is also a very favorite of customers is I have 3 credit cards but ” there is no differentiation in your credit cards” why should I purchase.

You need to understand the customer is interested and looking for differentiation in credit cards.

no differentiation

Let’s see what differentiation we can offer-

Hello, We offer a 15% flat discount on dining above 4500 at any 5-star hotel.

Evening, Credit cards benefit you on VIP service at the international lounge at the airport.

Afternoon, we offer 12% flat cashback on marriage purchases at big bazaar stores

Hello, rewards points on credit cards can be redeemed at the chain of HHY super-specialty hospitals.

Evening, Rs 1 or $1 is credited to SDO child support for free education.

Above, sales strategy or scripts is a massive sales winner for showing differentiation to the customers.

Customers, only make decisions when they see differentiation in products, service, and price.

8. Use every resource

This part of cold call refers to rejection or “No” but many disappointment and hence there is also a solution to a problem and you have to find it if you want to achieve something.

The wrong target customer gives you such a result.

Nevertheless, let’s how we can use rejection as motivation while selling credit cards.

Sales Reps: Morning, can I speak to Arvind Kumar.

Arvind Kumar: Yes this is Arvind Kumar.

Sales Reps: VCV bank is providing you a premium credit card on your 35th Birthday.

Arvind Kumar: No interest !! thanks.

Sales Reps: Sir, this card is exclusive.

Arvind Kumar: Not Interested.

Sales Reps: Ok sir, you are not purchasing the credit card but give 12 references from your mobile.

Arvind Kumar: Ok sure, will SMS.

Sales Reps: Thanks for your support, waiting for an SMS.

Don’t take “No” as an answer, always take rejection into opportunity and make weakness your strength.

Every resource must be fully utilized.

9. Build a reference chain

Many sales professionals forget to build a chain of reference during their cold call with the customers.

Reference chain means taking one reference from one customer and then 2nd reference from that customer and the third and fourth.

Now, let’s understand how to sell and build a reference chain.

Sales Reps: Morning sir/ma’am this is Dheeraj Kapoor, am I speaking to Rohit Suresh.

Rohit Suresh: YES, this is Rohit Suresh.

Sales Reps: Actually, I got your reference from Nitesh Kumar regarding credit cards.

Rohit Suresh: oh yes, pls tell.

Sales Reps: Sir, I have called for a credit card, Mr. Nitesh Kumar said you are looking for it.

Rohit Suresh: Yes,  I require.

Sales Reps: Great sir, one request, as Mr. Nitesh Kumar gave your reference, you also have to give 2 references.

Rohit Suresh: Sure.

Building a chain of reference will ease your sale of credit cards because one person knows the other hence huge credibility is built.

Reference is the key to sales quota achievement.

10. Credit card limit

When you are selling credit cards to customers, one obvious question you will face is the credit card limits. Now as days credit cards limit is one of the deciding factors for purchasing credit cards.

There is one question in my mind should I say the credit limit to get the sell or what shall I answer.

Let’s understand how we can tackle credit limits as covert into sells.

Sales Rep: Hello sir/ma’am, this is Sid Kover, am I speak to Rax Nov.

Rax Nov: yes this is Rax Mov.

Sales Rep: Sir, this is a call from BVC 2nd bank regarding an approved credit card in your name.

Rax Nov: that’s great, what is the credit limit.

Sales Rep: The credit limit on a credit card is decided by the credit cards division on various factors like credit score, saving account relationship with the bank, transaction details, and so on, hence, please provide a signature to process your valuable cards.

Never commit false or incorrect statements to customers just to sell credit cards, giving the decision of credit card limit to credit card division is always a good strategy to sell credit cards.

11. Connect with decision makers

Many a time when you make a cold cold, you cannot expect the decision-makers to pick up the call, sometimes the manager or receptionist can pick the call up, and let’s see how to communicate well.

Sales Rep: Evening ma’am /sir, this is Rakesh Gupta from VBC bank, call I speak to Mr. James Rud?

Manager: Mr. James Rud is not present over here, tell me what is it all about?

Sales Rep: It is about the credit cards of Mr. James Rud.

Manager: Mr. James Rud, is not interested, he already has many credit cards

Sales Rep: Sir, I have not called for selling credit cards but in fact, VBC bank is providing a premium credit card against the car of Mr. James Rud? hence, wanted a couple of signatures to deliver the credit card.

Manager: Ok. wait. let me connect.

Sales Rep: Once the call is connected, pitch him.

You have to convert your prospect customer into a buyer by having a great presence of mind, your call might have been disconnected at the manager itself but as the sales pitch changed manager’s mindset changed.

12. Send an email

Sending an email means follow-up and follow-up, sometimes asking for email especially in credit cards means the customer is not interested because credit cards are not such a product that requires a lot of think and decision making, perhaps the decision making has to be on spot.

Let’s see how this sales pitch can turn into sales.

Sales Reps: Hello Sir/ma’am, this is Aryan Singh From KKJ bank, may I speak to Bruce K.

Bruce K: yeah, this is Bruce K, what is it regarding?

Sales Reps: KKJ bank is providing international visa cum master cards for our customers, hence require a couple of signatures to deliver the credit card.

Bruce K: that is fine, but first send me an email.

Sales Reps: Ok sir, no problem, make me write down your email id, Sir, I am near to your residence let’s meet up for 7 mins so as I can take your signature.

Bruce K: No first send me the email.

Sales Reps: I can send sir, no problem but you also know that meeting face 2 face is more valuable than emails and chats. Sir, please understand I am near to your residence, I will only take 7 mins of yours. Please it’s a request.

Bruce K: Ok, come.

See, when a customer asks for an email, he/she might be less interested in your product and service, hence you need to be very aggressive here to sell credit cards.

13. Use lack of resource strategy

In sales, it is said to have quality than quantity in your products and services that means when you offer more products to your customer then he/she gets confused and the decision is delayed hence its always preferred to give customer lesser option so a sales purchase is faster and easier.

The customer buying decision is depended on the quality of products with fewer resources showcased.

Now, let’s understand with example in credit cards

Sales reps: Good Morning sir/ma’am, am I speaking to Owen Zolt.

Owen Zolt: Yes, this is me, how can I help you?

Sales reps: Sir/ma’am, I am calling you from ASD bank regarding your saving account with our bank since 2019, hence bank is providing you with royal and privy premium credit cards where royal cards can be used for dining, shopping, cashback, and with other benefits whereas privy credit cards is an international lounge card accepted in 45 different countries in the world. therefore, which credit card would you be interested in?

Owen Zolt: Privy credit cards, the international lounge credit card.

when you provide a lesser resource or option brain tries to remember the small one fast, hence Owen Zolt took a privy credit card decision.

14. Give reference

One mistake which is made by sales professionals daily is that they don’t work on references; it means always provide references of your work to your valuable customers

Referring or example is a great trust-building tool for customers.

Sells always should be supported by examples.

Sales Reps: Morning sir/ma’am this is Rajesh Pathak, am I speaking to Mohit Sahil.

Mohit Sahil: YES, this is Mohit Sahil.

Sales Reps: Actually, I called you regarding the premium credit card offered by our AXS bank

Mohit Sahil: No we are not looking for any credit cards as of now.

Sales Reps: Sir you are working with DSF infotech, hence you must be knowing Mr. Varun Banerjee

Mohit Sahil: Yes, I know, he is our general manager.

Sales Reps: Great sir, he is using 2 credit cards of AXS bank, hence you must also try it once, there is no harm.

Mohit Sahil: Sure.

See reference is giving an example of someone very know so as customers can trust him and your sell process is very easily achieved.

Be aggressive when required otherwise success stories and examples of good sales strategies for selling credit cards.

15. Give value to designation

If you want customers to value your sales call then you must showcase your designation to them with the name because designation brings trust.

Only 75% of sale professional use designation as a selling strategy apart from personal and company name.

Using designation in cold calling sales pitch provides weightage to our sales call for credit cards.

Now lets’ see what difference does it make we use designation in a sales call.

Sales Reps 1: Morning sir/ma’am this is Raj Narayan, Deputy General  Manager of RGH bank regarding the delivery of credit cards.

Sales Reps 2: Hello, this is Puspendra Jha calling you for a credit card.

Sales Reps 3: Hello ma’am, I am calling from XXZ bank for credit cards

Sales Reps 4:  Hello ma’am hope you are doing well, I have called for credit cards from  TTY financial service.

Sales Reps 5: Hello sir, this side Rohan Tutu, are you looking for a credit card.

Now see all the 5 sales pitches and you can clearly notice the difference of using designation as a sales tool.

Hope you like it.

16. Be speedy

Salespeople have to make hundreds of sales call daily to fix meeting with the customer so as we can make them prospect fast. You simply cannot waste your time after a prospect who is genuinely not interested in your credit cards trying to convince them to buy your credit card.

be speedy

Hence, look below at the sales script.

Shane: Hello sir/ma’am I am calling from JHJ service regarding credit cards, can I get 2 mins of your valuable time to discuss.

Sometimes, using a one-line pitch will filter out interested and not interested customers and you will save a lot of time.

17. Special feel

 Ask your self would you not be delighted when somebody makes you feel special or introduce in such a way that you start trusting and respecting the persona and hence same happen in sales, when you make your customer feel special they will listen to you.

Let’s sees how this sales script works in cold calls of credit cards.

Sales Script 1: Hello Ma’am, this is Aryan, many happy birthdays from KKJ bank.

Sales Script 2: On the occasion of 5 yrs relation with the bank, we provide you a free credit card with the first-day first show of the UTL movie.

Sales Script 3: Wish you a very happy ID, Christmas, Diwali, and so on

Sales Script 4: On your first marriage anniversary, we have increased your credit card limit.

Sales Script 5: Ma’am, the Credit card will have your name on it.

I have seen a lot of sales professionals using this cold-calling sales pitch for more sales closure.

Customer delighted means ultra achievement.

5 Expert feedbacks on how to sell credit card

1. In depth product knowledge

“Don’t jump in the war directly” it’s the famous saying by expert and its very true that if you do it you will fail, hence they meant is that do your homework first before getting into any work if your work blindly you will never succeed and the same is applied in cold-call sales.

Sales are not just selling but it starts with homework that is product and competitor knowledge.

Sales are not just selling of product but its providing solution and solving problems of customers.

Having in-depth product knowledge means 70% of sales are done because products bring knowledge and knowledge bring the ability to handle objection and objection handle is 100% sales.

Sales Winners are the first product winners.

2. Fabulous sales pitch

Master or expert of selling always recommend to have an amazing & fabulous sales pitch to connect with your prospect customers. Product knowledge is important but your cold call sales with failing if you don’t have an amazingly great sales pitch to support credit card product knowledge.

Sales pitch determines that will your customers listen to you or not.

A fabulous sales pitch determines will your record achieve a sell credit card or not.

All the great salespeople in this world are first great sales pitchers or they have great sales pitches hence they are great sales professionals.

Hence, every salesperson must pen down great sales scripts first to interact with customers and boost their credit card sales.

3. Provide a solution

Selling of products and services in today’s digital world does not work in fact today selling is exchanged by consultation and solution providers. No customer today wants a salesperson, everyone loves consultation to their problems. Solution providers are actually selling a masterpiece in credit cards or any other products.

Look at the doctor he never sells his service, his service is self sold because of the solution he provides to his patient and the same is with sales professionals.

Look at lawyers, they are my favorite salesperson because they know how to handle client objections, retain them and parallel make money as well.

If your goal is to only sell and move away you won’t sustain for a long period of time.

4. Self evaluation

Expert in cold call selling advises everyone to self-evaluate on a timely basis in regards to the sales pitch and the presentation of the product to the customers. Many sales professionals just go by the books and never like to innovate new ideas on the ground by self-evaluation on necessary changes required to make as per customer demand and external environment. I have noticed that many sales professionals like to carry the same process, same energy, and sales style of work because they are very much comfortable with it, and change makes them frightened.

Self-evaluation as per customer demand will nourish your sales skill to a completely new level and make you a winner in cold call selling of credit cards and other products.

5. Customer feedback

70% of sales professionals in cold calling do not understand the importance of customer feedback and suggestion and how to use them to increase the selling of credit cards. Customer feedback or question is a great look of learning and implementing into cold call sales activities to raise the momentum.

Customer feedback & suggestion is a great selling tool because you have many unanswered questions which answered will boost the sales of credit cards.

Customer feedback on reward points and redemption processes in credit cards is the major feedback and often raised a question from the customer end.

Hence, every great sales professional always loves customer feedback for self-assessment.


Selling a credit card is not at all difficult, the only point is a right pitch to the right customer at right time with the right product in the right way. Implement the above sales pitch you will be a master winner in selling credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A credit card is an electronic card that always supports you when you require money on credit and repayment has to be made within the time durations.
A credit card is an electronic card that carries money that is NOT YOURS or you don't own it because it's a small loan given to you to use when required and make repayment within a billing cycle date whereas a debit card is your money linked with your saving account where you don't have to make repayment to any one after use.
Before buying a credit card you must know- 1. Billing Cycle 2. Interest rates 3. Cash withdrawal charges
Different types of credit cards are:- 1. General Card 2. Specialised Card 3. International Card 4. Reward Point Card 5. Cashback Card
Key charges on credit cards are - 1. Joining charges 2. Annual charges 3. Cash withdrawal charges 4. Late payment charges 5. Overseas Charges 6. Service tax

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