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Teachable Review: Is It The Best Course Selling Tool In 2021


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If you are an online existing educator, makers, doers, designers, chefs, coders, marketers, writers, and learning devotees, trainers, speakers, or any other professional or planning to start online courses and coaching services, then this post is your complete solution to all your questions.

I’m going to talk about a powerhouse platform that will help you manage, optimize, and grow your online courses & coaching services to the next level by providing you with teachable latest reviews.

It’s called Teachable and it’s packed with countless powerful features that will enable you to get more out of online courses creation and coaching services. And one of the best parts is that all of these features are very user-friendly.

Teachable is a trusted worldwide web (www) online website for any knowledge courses and coaching services operated around the world with a large number of people as business owners and customers.

In addition to the feature, Teachable offers high-power-packed premium plans.

Let’s take a look at all the ways Teachable can help you grow your online business of coaching & courses step by step.

Why Is Teachable Different From Competitiors ?

Teachable is viewed towards new-age online education businesses:

1. It has 14 days free trial plan since the commencement of online course selling and coaching services.
2. Most advanced level of integration with trusted brands like Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Mailchimp & Zapier.
3.Teachable Payments, exclusively provided by teachable for payment processing.

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at Teachable, and then we’ll move forward into my review.

Teachable Overview

CREATORS100,000 + creators
TEACHABLE PRODUCTSCourses | Coaching | Bundle
DEPLOYMENT Cloud& Web-Based
Desktop – Mac
Desktop – Windows
SUPPORTEmail/Help Desk
Knowledge Base
SOCIAL MEDIA ASSETSFacebook : 56,757+ followers
Pinterest : 58.1k + followers with 10m+ monthly views
Instagram : 63.5k+ followers
Twitter : 32.5k + followers
Linkedin : 13,229 + followers
Youtube: 16.4K + subscribers
PRICING PLANFree: 14 Days Free Trial
Basic: $29 Per Month (billed annually)
Pro: $99 Per Month (billed annually)
Business: $249 Per Month (billed annually)

What is Teachable?

Successfully create online courses and coaching services. Transform your experience and know-how into a thriving knowledge business with Teachable.com 24/7 Customer Service. Guaranteed Satisfaction. Flexible Plans.

what is teachable

Understand Teachable Through Video

Features of Teachable

Build a business you are proud of !

CUSTOMIZATION ———————————-
a) Use our domain to connect to your ownEasily link your existing website to Teachable under a custom domain.
b) Customize your online school experienceUse our power editor to create engaging, multimedia lectures, videos, and coaching sessions.
c) Use tools you want to useThink of an integration you want to use… we support it! Our list of partners is exhaustive.
d) Know your numbersTrack sales and student insights with our comprehensive dashboards.
e) Sell, sell, sellCreate gorgeous, money-making sales pages with our flexible page editor.
f) Make it a team effortBring on the authors, team members, and contributors and customize their permissions and roles; we can support them and pay them for you.
LEARNING TOOLS————————————-
a) Unlimited everythingAnytime you hear unlimited in life, it’s pretty exciting. So let us just say, unlimited video bandwidth, unlimited courses and coaching services, and unlimited students on all paid plans.
b) Talk to your students liveRun one-on-one sessions with easy-to-build milestones, call hosting, and task features.
c) Schedule and hostSeamlessly take clients from booking to intake to scheduling and learning with our native integrations with Calendly.
d) Create success storiesEngage your students with quizzes and course completion certificates and ensure transformation with course compliance controls that require course completion to move on.
e) Feedback is fundamentalWe play nicely with others; use third-party forms and surveys to easily gather student feedback.
f) Spin up supportEasily integrate with Zapier to take support to the next level with Zendesk, Olark, Intercom, and others.
a) Flex your pricing optionsOffer coupons and advanced pricing options including subscriptions, memberships, one-time payments, bundles, and more.
b) Get the word outUse our affiliate marketing tools to help others spread the word about your business (and pay them, too).
c) Go global and get paidAccept international payment in 130+ currencies. Plus, we offer PayPal and mobile payments for your online school and coaching services.
d) Follow the moneyConversions pixel support, author and affiliate payouts, first and last touch attribution—we handle all that.
e) No tax troublesWhen you sell through Teachable’s gateways, we take care of EU VAT.
Seamless hosting to protect your data.
Speaking of data, you own yours—we don’t. That’s how it should be.
24/7 monitoring so outages don’t knock you out.
Instant upgrades—no waiting around for the latest features.
A 2048-bit SSL certificate keeps your students’ information secure during login and checkout.
We only work with payment providers that are PCI level-1 compliant, so your and your student’s data is safe and secure.
Features of teachable (online courses sell and coaching services

Teachable Trustable Customer’s

teachable trustable customers

Teachable is used by more than 1,00,000 creators worldwide which have made it one of the leading create & selling courses with coaching services online.

It is not used by individuals, sole entrepreneurs, freelancers but business enterprises like Pearson, Shopify, Intuit, The NewTork Times & Penn Law.

Now, Teachable has generated over $300 million + in sales revenue within 9 yrs of sustainability.

Is Teachable Really Valuable? – Customer Latest Review


  • It’s easy to upload videos and add information to your course
  • The teaching platform (curriculum videos, PDFs, etc.) is good and uploads are easy. I found that building a sales page was not difficult and sending people to the sales page with discount coupons was a smooth process. Payments were collected and paid out promptly at the end of the month (for my plan). Support is by email only (no chat) and took a couple of days but the answers were helpful. The plans are reasonably priced for individual teachers and consultants.
  • Easily link your existing website to Teachable under a custom domain.
  • A lot of features and custom designs you can use, you can actually build the whole website using teachable with the e-learning part integrated into it.
  • What I like the most about this product is the ease of adding new chapters, creating quizzes, and editing content.
  • Easily integrate with Zapier to take support to the next level with Zendesk, Olark, Intercom, and others.
  • Accept international payment in 130+ currencies. Plus, we offer PayPal and mobile payments for your online school and coaching services.
  • The inbuilt ability to handle EU VAT that very few online platforms come with.
  • I have been using WordPress and building websites for almost ten years now. I previously had my courses and memberships on my own site. Since I moved them to Teachable, my sign-ups have tripled and my cancellations have gone down to almost nothing.
  • No technical skills required, very user-friendly & hence giving teachable review.


  • 5% transaction fees in a basic plan is a lot of money, Teachable should charge between 1% to 2%.
  • I would add an option to create a video course you don’t really want to sell, just to send to registered customers. Also, the navigation on the website is pretty difficult.
  • Advanced theme customization is only present in the business plan.

Start 14 Days Free Trial On Teachable

Step By Step Process

This article explains step by step to start 14 days free trial on Teachable and then substantially move to a paid plan.

 1) To begin, visit Teachable.com and click “Get started”.

14 days free trial teachable

2) When “get started” is clicked you need to “fill the form “ plus agree on “terms & conditions” with all details and click “create” . If you have a teachable account then just “log in”.

fill form 14 days trial teachable

3. Confirm the ” email “ to activate the account

email confirm for teachable

4. “Fill the onboarding process” for 14 days free trial of teachable and click ” next

fill on boarding form for 14 days trial teachable

5. Get the “interface” of your account 14 days free trial and if your wish to upgrade in a paid plan just “click” on select a plan (arrow in red down)

interface for 14 days free trail teachable
You can view the dashboard is very clear and transparent

All the features are accessible in the left sidebar as you can see in the image below. The interface is very clean and self-explanatory.

dashboard free trail teachable

All valuable features are routed in sidebars and each feature and functions are just over a simple mouse click.

Teachable offers you plenty of documents and videos that hold your hand and help build your business like no other competition.

You can view UI/UX built to keep non-technical and inexperienced people in mind as 95% of UI/UX is navigated on “click and enter”.

Let’s Create Teachable Products

Create Teachable Courses

1) “Click” on the courses tab

click on the course tab

2. “Click “ on the courses tab enter the basic details or “click” on learn about the courses in the Teachable knowledge base circled.

enter basic detail of courses teachable

3. Now “fill” up your course basic information on teachable and “click” on creating course tab.

fill courses teachable

4) “Create ” Curriculum

create curriculum

5) “Fill” the curriculum of the courses one by one but click on the “tick” mark to save it .

Fill “the first section” and under it mention “first lecture” and if required “add new lecture”

how to fill the courses teachable

6) After adding the first lecture or new lecture, make it “publish” by clicking on the “tick” (yellow circle ) or you can make a “duplicate copy” of the first lecture or new lecture as many times as your courses demand by “clicking” on the box (blue circle ) and “edit” it as per your requirements. Also, create a “new section” as per your requirement (pink circle).

create heads in courses

7) Now, once you have created all curriculum heads you need to provide details to each head for better customer understanding.

Just “double click” on the heads created to give more details to each curriculum head.

create different heads for curriculum

8. Now you can enter data in each section show in the leftside bar by just on “one click”

If clicked on files you can “upload” the documents very easily.

9) “Add text” to the curriculum by using a text editor to make the text more presentable.

add text curriculum courses

10) You can also “add” quizzes to keep the customers engaged and you can “upgrade” the quiz [ If you set the quiz to ungraded mode, scores will not be saved or factored into your quiz reports. ]

create quiz in course curriculum

11) Now you can also add code for video to explain to your customers about the topic of the course.

Need to click on “add code example” and you will find various options to upload video & select video as per the demand of courses.

add code for courses videos teachable

Then, write text, on the “comment” button to get back feedback and suggestion and delete button available beside the “save” button (blue circled).

12) You can create “upsell” more courses to your customer and this is the best part of teachable.

Upsell means to persuade a customer to buy something additional or more expensive.

upsell courses to customer teachable

Create Teachable Coaching

1) “Click” on the coaching tab on left-hand side and then click on “create new coaching”

create coaching teachable

2. Now click on “create new coaching” and then give a name to your coaching and then “click” next button plus you have all other features available in the right sidebar which can be created on “click”.

3) And finally when you click on “review and save”, you will find the image below. When you click on “edit” you will be directed to the user interface page where you can edit the website look of your coaching service, left sidebar you have the feature tabs, just “click” one by one and “fill” in the coaching services details and “update” it {it’s super easy, a non-technical person can do it}

user interface coaching services

4) For example, if you “click” on the banner tab in the left sidebar, you will be able to “change” the complete banner and images of your user interface and “update “, hence perform similar processes for every feature available on the leftside bar.

example change banner coaching services

5) Now, when you click on “go to admin”, you can “edit” coaching services details with image, author details with image & can permanently “delete” all coaching content, including student enrollment records and don’t forget to click on the “save” button.

edit coaching details admin teachable

Create Teachable Bundle

1) “Click” on the bundle tab on the left-hand side and then click on “create new bundle”

create new bundle tab teachable

2. Now click on “create new coaching” and then give a name to your coaching and then “click” next button plus you have all other features available in the right sidebar which can be created on “click”.

create new bundle name teachable

3) And finally when you click on “review and save”, you will find the image below. You can “edit” bundle details with image, author details with image & can permanently “delete” your bundle, and don’t forget to click on the “save” button.

edit bundle details teachable

Teachable Products Review

Teachable products are built very smartly by keeping in mind future customer preferences by using technology which has made teachable products stay apart and create value to users by being simple & efficient. I liked the product simplicity from both the user & admin points of view. I recommend it without any confusion.

Let’s Create Courses Certificates

It has the best certification mechanism compared to any other course creation platform and hence Teachable offers the best course certificate.

Without talking about the course certificates will be incomplete. “Click” on courses then select the name of the course and then “select” certificate feature, “choose” a certificate from the design option given, and “create” a course certificate, and don’t forget to “finish”

create course certificate teachable
teachable course certificate format

Teachable Review: All products courses, coaching, and bundle are very easy to create as its a click, next, upload, save and publish function is required, no external code needs to entered or learned to create your online courses and coaching services bundle plus courses certificates are 95% self-made you just need to enter data. OVERALL products are very dynamic and competent. Highly recommendable.

Let’s Create Pricing

Courses Pricing

  1. Without talking about the course pricing will be an incomplete business. Hence, let’s build our customized courses pricing to sell online “Click” on courses then select the name of the course and then “select” pricing feature and the “click” on add pricing plan
click on courses pricing teachable

2) Then under mentioned image will open, now you can set your course’s pricing plan according to your sales strategy just “click” any one option to set your course’s pricing. Examples – Subscription

choose courses pricing option

3) My recommendation will be to choose “subscription” as the pricing of the course because its method always works online and also treated as a good pricing strategy. Now fill in the details required and “click” on the add subscription plan.

add subscription pricing plan

4) Now, you can set your courses pricing, I have set two pricing-

  • Monthly payment = 350 USD
  • 14 days free trial = 500 USD

You can edit, delete and add new pricing , very easily as no technicality is involved.

get courses pricing details teachable

5) Likewise, you can select another pricing strategy as per your business, but do remember if you select “Payment plan ” as your courses pricing then you have to “select more than 1” maybe 2,3,4,5 and so on as your “number of monthly payments” otherwise “add payment plan” tab will not be activated.

enter pricing plan courses

I highly recommend you to go for subscription pricing to add value in the long term

The subscription pricing option enables you to transform your Teachable online platform into a sustainable business.

Let’s Create Courses Coupons

1) Giving coupons is also a great selling strategy, you can create coupons with teachable very easily. Hence, let’s create our customized coupons to sell online “Click” on courses then select the name of the course and then “select” coupons feature you will find the image, now “click” on new coupon on the top and you will get two options:

  • For particular courses
  • For all courses
create courses coupons teachable

2) Now, if you “choose” coupons for all courses, then you can give a percentage off benefits (say 25%), applies to first or all payment, coupon code, internal name, expiry date, and number available. For example: if you want to offer a 25% discount on your course for the first 49 action-takers from your free trial, you can “create” a coupon for it.

create courses coupons teachable

3) You can also “create” bulk coupons through a bulk coupon generator

create bulk coupon generator

Teachable Courses Pricing Review: Teachable platform provide you with flexible & easy pricing option to create and sell your courses, no technical expertise required to create courses pricing. The subscription payment option enables you to create course pricing easily plus creating single or bulk coupons is also super easy. I highly recommend teachable create a fabulous and attractive pricing model very easily.

Let’s Create Bundle Contents

Teachable offer you to create bundle content on its platform or you may say its a membership content

If you want a recurring source of income from your online business, you need to strongly consider having a membership platform to retain your user or customers.

“Add” course to bundle and remember “Students who buy this course will also gain access to any other courses that you bundle in here. This course will be the ‘parent’ course of the bundle. If you want your bundle to have a different name, create a new course with that name and use that as the bundle parent”– Teachable Notification.

create bundle or membership teachable

2)  You can create a separate course that offers your selected published courses as a bundle. You can create various bundles like this with various subscription plans.

Example :

  • 1st bundle 20 courses – League Bundle Subscription Plan
  • 2nd bundle 35 courses with 1 course free – Royal Bundle Subscription Plan
  • 3rd bundle 59 courses with 3-month course freeGolden Bundle Subscription Plan
create bundle coupon and price

Now you can easily “create” bundle content for both paid and free trials very easily to retain your existing user and to add new users into your online course selling platforms plus you can any time upgrade your bundle content with new & latest offers to add more value to users.

This way to way maintain the trust of users always. Hence “do the right time”.

Teachable Bundle Content Review

The bundled content is a superb function given by teachable to upsell and retain users. I really love the interface as it’s very simple to use and manage the complete bundle content functionality.

Manage User’s

Under clicked on courses, select the course name, they “click” on “students” feature and here you can “manage” it’s under user section where you can manage your students, leads, owners, authors, affiliates, and also assign custom roles (only available for business plans).

manage user teachable
user manage owner author affiliates

A bulk import of users is also possible with Teachable. This feature is only available for business plans.

Teachable Manage User’s Review

The user management function is really very simple, you can manage multiple users in one place and easily create users as per your business & need. The user management functionality is highly recommendable.

Let’s Create A Beautiful Site Settings

Teachable give you the freedom to build & create your customized site.

create site design

1) All design customization and creation of different features are available in the leftside bar

2) Theme: In the theme section, you can add your logo, favicon, homepage background, overlay, select fonts, choose a color palette, edit colors, so on.

3) Color: You can specify custom colors or any of these existing palettes.

4) Domains: In this section, you can either edit your existing Teachable school URL or set up your own subdomain URL.

create domain

5) Navigation: In this section, you can add the custom navigation links, footer links, and also edit default homepage settings.

6) Bios: With this, you can custom bios for the authors and owners of the Teachable school. Having a place to manage the bios of all the authors is really easy & simple.

bios teachable

7) Pages: Here you can create your own individual pages that don’t belong to any course like home, privacy & terms of use.

individual pages teachable

8) Comments: Here you can manage all the comments made on your online course lectures. You can moderate them here and also reply “go to general settings”.

create comment teachable

9) Custom text: You can create default features like admin, login, sign in, logout, and many more as per your business needs.

custom text teachable

10) Code Snippets: Include custom CSS across all pages on your site & Include additional HTML/JavaScript code snippets inside the head tag on all pages.

customer snippets

11) Power Editor: Power Editor is an advanced feature that allows you to customize your school’s templates and add custom code, including HTML/Liquid and CSS. Available on the teachable Business plan and upwards. Need to select a plan.

power editor teachable

Teachable Site Creation Review

Teachable site setting has so many different features and options but the creation and building of the site is super easy as 85% of work is already done you just need to enter data. I am really overwhelmed by the interface.

Let’s Create Sales Settings

“Create” sales settings for an online business to view, monitor your business performance by transaction, statements, break down & upsells.

create sales settings teachable

1) Transaction & Statements: This will be visible on your first sales.

sales settings teachable

2) Breakeven :

  • By Day –See daily totals for the number of sales, sale price, affiliate and author revenue share, and your earnings (in USD)
  • By Month –See monthly totals for a number of sales, sale price, affiliate and author revenue share, and your earnings (in USD).
sales breakeven teachable

3) Upsells: Upsell offers can be made on course thank you pages by adding an Upsell Button.

Available on our Professional plan and upwards.

upsells teachable

Teachable Sales Settings Review

Teachable sales setting has a very comprehensive report on your business transactions, breakeven, statements, and upsell. Very simple and easy to understand the sales performance day & month with such an amazing admin interface.

Let’s Get Reports

You can also get a very compressive report.

report teachable

1)Lecture Completion Reports :

  • Student Breakdown: Percentage of lectures marked as complete (excluding when bundled).
  • Percentage Breakdown: Percentage of completion for lectures excluding when bundled.
lecture completion report

2) Quiz Scores

quiz reports

3)Leaderboard: See a ranked list of students in this course by completion progress. This report will be generated once students start enrolling in your course.

4)Video Stats: See average video engagement, plays, loads, and more. This report can be generated once you add videos to your lectures.

video stats

5) Video Engagement: View aggregated video engagement for this course including total hours watched, number of plays, and more. This report can be generated once your lecture videos have engaged.

video engagement

Teachable Reports Reviews

The teachable report has a very detailed reporting format and structure for every section of your online course sell and coaching services business. The best part is the auto-generation of the report which has avoided the manual invention. What else do you need?

Let’s Email

  1. Compose : New Email-Send an email to individual users, users enrolled in a specific course, or everyone in your school.
compose new email

2) Email history : Get detailed email history.

email history

3) Email Settings: Control which automated email notifications will be sent to your students. Deactivate the feature you don’t require.

email settings teachable

Teachable Email Review

Use email settings for marketing purposes with features and functions which don’t require much hard work as everything is automated and have controlled access of email settings to activate & deactivate at any point in time. I love this email function because it’s a boost to sales & marketing, hence recommended.

Let’s Configure Settings

With Teachable you can easily configure the setting of your entire site.

  1. Configure general changes of your site like School where you can adjust basic information about your school here.
configure general setting teachable

2) Address: Add a mailing address for tax reporting purposes. Your mailing address will not be publicly displayed on your school site but will appear on student receipts if you are using custom payment gateways.

configure address settings

3) Lectures: Adjust whether to autoplay videos and/or auto-complete lectures based on student progress with Auto-complete lectures, Autoplay videos & Sync users course percent complete when publishing.

configure lectures settings

4) Authors: Set course author permissions with activating & deactivate options.

activate deactivate options

5) Affiliates: With Teachable customize schoolwide affiliate settings. Adjust default affiliate cookie period
Set how long the cookie will remain active after a referral, between 1—365 days. Allow external URL redirects.

6) Comments : Customize comments settings, enable comment moderation & enable comments attachments.

comments teachable

7) School status: Online, offline, & delete -Taking your school offline will make it inaccessible to visitors and students until you bring it back online (which you can do at any time). Deleting your school will permanently erase all information from your courses, school, etc. Deleted schools are unrecoverable.

From the Settings > General > Status menu, you can take your school online/offline or delete your school permanently.

Change Your School’s Status

If you take your school offline, it will become inaccessible to visitors and students. You can bring it back online at any time. To take your school online, click the Take My School Online button.

Similarly, to take your school offline, click the Take My School Offline button.

Delete Your School Permanently

To delete your school permanently, click Delete School Permanently. A window will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete your school. To finalize deletion, enter your school’s URL in the text box and click Yes, delete my school.

Teachable Settings Review

If your backend process is simple & transparent, believe me, 90% of your work is accomplished & hence teachable long term vision can be viewed & experienced in the settings tab where very smoothly you can configure your site outline even if you are not experienced & that what I like about the teachable platform. I recommend purchasing it. Don’t miss the opportunity.


To adjust your school’s general settings, navigate to the Settings > General section of your school admin. In this area, you’ll be able to modify settings pertaining to your school’s status (where you can delete your school), and Teachable accounts.

integration with third party teachable


Provide seamless access to your Circle Community by allowing students to use Teachable to sign up and log in. 

Google Analytics

Collect data about your school’s visitors.

Facebook Pixel

Track ad performance by adding a Facebook pixel to your school.


All user signups and course enrollments will be passed to your Mailchimp list.


Highly configurable email sequences, automation, and marketing.


Access tools to increase traffic to your school’s site.


A unified interface to hundreds of analytics services.


Integrate your Teachable school with 100+ services like AWeber, Infusionsoft, Intercom, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, and many more.

Teachable Integration Review

If you have a trusted and efficient strategic partner, then no one can stop you. Hence, teachable not only build an amazing platform but has partnered with the world’s best companies for backend integration & this is the reason Teachable is preferred over its competitors. Truly teachable is the solution to your online courses selling and coaching services.

Teachable Pricing

Teachable has a basic pricing plan with $29/month billed annually, a pro price plan with $99/month billed annually, business price plan with $249/month billed annually.

teachable pricing

Teachable offers paid plans.

  1. Basic: Comes with all the essential features. But it lacks some features like unlimited students, coupon codes, Integrated email marketing, course products, and also course compliance features. 5% transaction fee for every sale is quite a nominal.
  2. Pro: It comes with all the features of Teachable except for custom user roles, manual student imports, and Bulk student enrollments.
  3. Business: It comes with all the features that Teachable has ever got to offer.

Teachable offers a 14-day free trial of our Professional Plan. This means that when you click on the “Get started” button and enroll with Teachable, you will be automatically entered into a Professional plan trial. A credit card is not required for free trials but after it, you need to “select a plan“.

When it comes to customer support, Teachable only offers you email support or you may join TeachableU and we’ll show you how to create your own online course — so that you can teach others what you know, earn m. If you need to get their live chat support, you need to get their professional plan and higher plans.

The response times of Teachable support are quite good.

Teachable also has a good knowledge base and tutorials to make sure you won’t get stuck.

Teachable Pricing Review

Teachable offers the most comprehensive price with robust technology and integration. Teachable pricing is moderate & competitive in online course selling and coaching services by providing world-class service support.

Avoid This Mistake When Starting to Sell Courses Online & Coaching Services

After reading the in-depth review on selling, creating online courses, and coaching services, I know you are excited to start your selling courses & coaching services online and make money.

But, before starting the journey do complete market research of your competition so as you can create your own strength to dig the market potential of your products and services and use surveys and feedback form by creating a landing page to get insights of your user and audience plus also use animated video software for creating amazing videos.

Don’t create and start courses tons of courses at one shot, first create 3-5 initial courses initially, make it a success, and then create further courses and coaching services.

You can use your social media platforms, Google Adwords, and references to get your initial users.

Last but not least, make your products and services “useful and entertaining”.


Teachable is one of the few online course selling & coaching service platforms that completely changed how I use to study or run an educational business.

I’m willing to bet that it’ll be incredibly useful for you, too.

Apart from their top-tier features, Teachable performance and usability are also among the best in the Online educational market.

At the very least, I highly suggest you start a free trial. When it’s over or if you’re satisfied, come back & click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Teachable charges 5% transaction fees if you choose a basic pricing plan.
No, teachable is not free but they provide 14 days free trial and then charges are applicable.
Teachable basic package start with $29/month billed annually for 2 admin-level users and hence I believe the pricing plan is very moderate and competitive.
Yes, you can upgrade the teachable account at any time. You will find a tab in Teachable Pricing named " Upgrade Teachable Plan" just click on it, you will be directed to the concerned page.
You can cancel your Teachable plan at any time. Just go to Settings ---> Plan page. Once you have cancelled the plan, you will no longer be charged for your monthly or annual plan.
No, Teachable does not have an online way to add live streams. However, you can embed a third-party Livestream directly into your lecture area.
Both Teachable and Thinkific are leading providers of online courses and coaching servcies. The main difference between the two platforms is that Teachable has more customization functions and better and moderate pricing options for course creators.

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