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Toonly – A animated cartoon video software is live with a surprising price.

Building animated videos or animated cartoon videos was a skillful job only done by professional designers and creators, hence companies had to spend and hire professionals to make an animated video for sales promotion, email marketing, lead generation, product launch, training & development but now we have simple & easy animated video tools where we can create an animated cartoon video without any technical skills compared to last 7-10 years.


If you are serious about growing your business, then you understand the importance of making quality animated videos to grow your sales revenue and build a trustable brand.

So here I am going to talk about one tool which is helping me create quality animated cartoon video and use it for advertisement & brand building.

In this Toonly animated cartoon video review, I am going to do an in-depth review of this tool where the tutorial will be covered itself.

Why Toonly ?

We, digital marketers, are busy learning and searching for stuff online and using various tools and techniques to rank our favorite and niche sites.

So, create an animated video is a very skillful job for me because every second of an animated video should be made perfectly correct.

Personally, this is the toughest work to create a quality animated cartoon video because it is time-consuming work if you are not skilled enough.

I tried various animated video tools like Animaker, Biteable, and many others but many would carry watermarks with them, my headache and frustration were still increasing because I had to create myself but due to less time and inexperienced.

So, I was looking for a tool that could be easier to use and help me save time, energy and cost also help me increase my efficiency, give me quality animated cartoon video very easily.

So I found Toonly– A Animated Cartoon Video Software.

This animated video software had all features so I could not stop myself buying this beast.

Toonly Features 

  • Create quality video by easy click and drag
  • Produce relevant animated video by using txt,images, color, font
  • Produce quality animated cartoon video for email marketing,product launch,social media advertisement,crowdfunding,lead generation, brand buiding, training & presentations
  • 100% relevance in each business categories and functions
  • Powerfull transitions,music, voiceover, backgrounds,zooming & panning
  • Powerfulll text underlay, object rotation, trimming,lip sync & character coloring
  • 100% relevant and quality animated cartoon video
  • Use both on Mac & PC 32bit or 64bit compatible with windows 7 or higher for PC & Mac OSX 10.10 or higher
  • Upload your own image, character & sound.
  • Software is a hybrid Web + Desktop app, we autopush our updates straight to your computer. When an update is ready, you’ll be alerted to update your software.

and many other awesome features that you will find out once you will start using it.

So what I am going to do in this Toonly Review?

I am going to show you every creative way & functions which business can use Toonly for higher conversions.

1. Home Page & Landing Page

Do you know, 50% and more visitors leave your website because it’s not compelling and engaging, hence your website bounce rate increases.


Now, having a high quality animated video or high quality animated cartoon video on the home page or landing page will not only reduce bounce rate by 35% but will increase your sales traffic by 40% and because your potential visitor loves animated video or animated cartoon video which make the user understand and learn easily.

2. Facebook Advertising

Have you run a Facebook campaign but not getting the desired result because 65% of the Facebook campaign ran carrying only images and hence user scroll but placing a high quality animated cartoon video is the perfect solution for visitors engagement.


I have used toonly to create a perfect Facebook ad with a short animated video that is useful and entertaining, hence finding user engagement soar.

3. Social Media Channels

High-quality animated videos get a lot of views & interest within a short span of time.


Do you know, animated video made on toonly is shared more than 45% on social media channels. That’s why animated videos are so engaging and result-oriented for social media. With a high level of entertainment, they have the potential to go viral quickly.

4. Sales Videos

If you want to increase your sales revenue and achieve monthly and annual sales quotas, then the support of animated videos is mandatory.


Gone are those days where we would just talk and convenience the customer, this is a digital world where users understand videos that are storytelling, emotional, and have engaging characters to grab the attention of customers or users.

” Features tell & benefits sell” is a very successful sales phrase where animated video has a very powerful role and as well as handling customer objection.

5. Crowdfunding

According to Kickstarter, an animated video improves the funding success rate by 50%, that is animated video help in successfully presenting your thoughts & ideas to potential investors.


No one loves boring and long videos, everyone loves short video which is self-explanatory, interesting, engaging and sharable & hence toonly is the solution to animated video creation whether cartoons or objects.

6. Product Pages

Product knowledge requires training and understanding. Animated videos make knowledge fun and easy to understand.


Gone are those days where we would use leaflets and brochures to make the user understand product benefits & useability Now, animated videos have taken the place and are working like a magic tool to increase conversion rate and spread the word of mouth publicity.

7. Presentations & Training Videos

85% of presentation & training videos are lengthy and boring and hence we lose interest within 7 minutes.


And this can be solved by using animated videos because its engaging, entertaining, and enjoyable to watch, they grab attention quickly, make you smile, and increase learning retention.

8. Emails

Email marketing is still underrated, animated explainer videos are perfect for email marketing and by adding it to your email marketing, you make start doubling your results.


Use toonly video to connect with your customer and activate your deactivated customers also you may add a “success story” animated explainer video to your email signature to boost growth.

Ideas Where To Use Toonly Animated Video

Know where you can use toonly animated video.

where to use toonly animated videos
List of functions where you can use Toonly- A Animated Video Software

Toonly Pros

This software is really very fast and accurate in making animated videos for conversion and brand building. You can save thousands of dollars by utilizing this software.

I will personally recommend this to you if you are looking best animated video software.

Toonly Cons

They don’t have any free trial so you will have to buy a standard & enterprise plan to make it work smoothly.

What’s the Toonly Price?

The price of toonly is standard $20 per month billed annually and enterprise $40 per month billed annually.

But for Sales Generator 247 readers I have


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, Toonly does not have a free trial but has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
The following system configuration is required - 👉👉👉Mac/Apple Systems To use Toonly on a Mac, please be sure you are running OSX 10.10 or newer with at least 2GB RAM available and an active internet connection. 👉👉👉Windows/PC Systems To use Toonly on a PC, please be sure you are running Windows 7+ or newer with at least 2GB RAM available and an active internet connection. To best prepare for the installation of Toonly on a PC/Windows device, you should first determine whether the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the software is appropriate, and download the corresponding version. If you are unsure of how to do so, please click through to learn more about that process: 32-bit version or 64-bit version?Windows/PC Systems
In order to download Toonly please proceed to the Member's Area, here you will find Download links, and also training videos!
Toonly does not support this feature, you can however import your own custom characters if you wish.
Currently no mobile app. Yes, you can install it on multiple devices supported.
Please know that if you can't find suitable images, you can upload your own photos in Toonly. The currently supported formats for uploading are PNG, JPG, GIF. Including animated gifs.
Yes, we do. Please know that if you can't find suitable images, you can upload your own photos in Toonly. The currently supported formats for uploading are PNG, JPG, GIF. Including animated gifs.
Toonly is for animated video or animated cartoon video software but doodly is whiteboard animated software.

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