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Unbounce Review (Ultimate Platform Guide 2021)


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Having a landing page for your business is very important for sales growth because a landing page drives traffic and you generate quality sales lead.

However, if you are serious about your products & service or business, you must have a landing page to assist you in sales, advertisement, and marketing.

One of the biggest names that come to my mind is Unbounce.

Used by more than 15000+ brands globally, Unbounce is the number one landing page platform and undoubtedly the best landing page platform to create a landing page.

Unbounce is an “easy & effective landing page builder tool” & hence ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 star rating for usability).


To help you make an informed decision, here’s a detailed review of Unbounce, along with its most prominent features, pros, and cons, pricing.

What is Unbounce ? – Create Landing Page

Unbounce is a trusted and leading landing page creation platform with a drag-and-drop builder that lets you create and publish your own custom landing pages, without needing a developer to code ‘em. It’s an easier and faster way to get more conversions from your traffic.

More than 15000 brands are using it currently, and the numbers are on the rise with 100+ landing page templates.

The leading landing page platform helps you convert your visitors into leads, sales, and customers with conversion intelligence.

The best benefit of Unbounce is ” you don’t need any technical skills to create a landing page ” and hence on this, I give ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 stars) rating.

Unbounce Overview

Now friends, let’s have a depth overview of Unbounce, and then we will understand each feature and functions step by step.

UNBOUNCEA trusted and leading landing page creation platform with a drag-and-drop builder that lets you create and publish your own custom landing pages, without needing a developer to code ‘em. It’s an easier and faster way to get more conversions from your traffic.
UNBOUNCE BENEFITSConvert more leads
Convert more sales
Convert more customers
Popups and sticky bars
Smart traffic
Professional services
Social Ads
Email marketing
Lead generations
SOCIAL MEDIA ASSETSTwitter -79.8k + followers
Linkedin – 29,931 + followers
Instagram – 7,818 + followers
Youtube -12.4 k+ subscribers
Help center
Knowledge base
Specialist support
UNBOUNCE PRICINGFree Trial: Start Your Free 14-Day Trial
LAUNCH Annual Plan : $72USD / month
OPTIMIZE Annual Plan : $108USD / month
ACCELERATE Annual Plan : $180USD / month
SCALE Annual Plan : $270USD / month

Now, friends let’s start to explore Unbounce features step by step.

Unbounce Review : Features

Unbounce has a wider choice of 100+ template designs that lead to high converting leads and sales traffic to get a return on investment sooner without being a technical creator & designer.

Here’s a breakdown of all its Unbounce features:

  • Landing pages
  • Popups and sticky bars
  • Integrations
  • Account Management
  • Performance & Security

1. Landing Pages

Unbounce landing page helps to create amazing, high-converting landing pages with the drag-and-drop builder. You can also get fancy by adding custom scripts and integrations.

landing page unbounce


You can drag and drop every element with 100+ high-converting templates, clone and edit entire pages, copy and paste between pages by custom scripts and pixels by applying universally across multiple landing pages using Unbounce’s Script Manager by boosting your conversion rates by creating AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) landing pages that load up to 85% faster than standard mobile pages with 100% Mobile Responsive by automatically converting your desktop landing page into a near-complete mobile version with one click.

Just a few tweaks and you’re ready to publish & publish your Unbounce landing pages to any custom domain or URL and seamlessly integrate with your existing campaigns or URL structure plus also publish landing pages, popups, and sticky bars to any WordPress site with 1 click; no DNS record or CNAME setup required. Just install the plugin and start publishing.


Create self-branding by making any template 100% your own as every element can be completely customized by making pixel-perfect adjustments to your pages through accessing more than 850,000 free, professional-grade images from thousands of photographers by using ThemeForest designers by using Auto Image Optimizer to make your pages load faster also add high-quality SVG graphics that won’t slow your pages down, embed videos anywhere also add video backgrounds and also use lightboxes to your page for better page experience.


Now grow sales by lead generation form builder, use custom thank messages, and send visitors to any web page after they complete your form. Easily link to whitepapers, ebooks, or additional content to customize your buyer journey and by using a lightbox, the form appears on click.


Now optimize your landing page by run A/B Tests to see how a given landing page variant resonates with visitors, use smart traffic by getting AI-powered optimization that automatically matches each visitor to the page where they’re most likely to convert by using Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) which personalizes your paid marketing campaigns by matching the copy in your PPC ads to the copy on your Unbounce landing pages.

Get a real-time dashboard.

2. Popups and sticky bars

Prompt visitors to convert with targeted offers. Launch custom popups and sticky bars with highly relevant offers on any page of your website.

popups & sticky bars

Customize with drag and drop

Launch targeted popups or sticky bars on your Unbounce landing pages—or on any page of your website using Use our drag-and-drop builder for page sections, text boxes, images, CTA buttons, forms, and social widgets, use Dynamic Text Replacement to automatic match the copy in your popups and sticky bars to your visitors’ exact search terms and also turn any button, image, or link on your website or blog into a popup form. Keep your visitors focused on conversion with a form that appears on click.

Target and Trigger

Use trigger by action to launch popups and sticky bars when visitors arrive on a page, run popups and sticky bars on any page or group of pages within your site’s domain. Target by full URL, URL “contains” rules, or UTM codes and also choose how often visitors will see a popup or sticky bar plus schedule your sticky bars or popups to start and stop according to your seasonal campaign plan or promotions.

Get your local offers in front of nearby visitors by creating popups and sticky bars targeted at specific countries, regions, or cities, create segmented offers for visitors based on their traffic sources like Facebook, Google Ads, or organic search, and use cookies to show a popup or sticky bar based on visitors’ browsing history, conversion status, previous actions, and more.

3. Integrations

Unbounce works with almost any marketing automation or CRM tool out there, including tons of in-app integrations and thousands more through Zapier and webhooks.

integration unbounce

Google Analytics

Unbounce supports Google Analytics. Just add your tracking ID and start monitoring your traffic and events.

Integrate with Zapier

Using Zapier, you can send leads and data from your Unbounce landing pages to 1000+ supported apps via “Zaps.”

Integrate with webhooks

Create your own custom integrations by sending Unbounce form submissions to any server with webhooks.

Direct lead integrations

Automatically send leads to your CRM and marketing automation tools like Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and more—all without leaving the builder.

Branded lead email notifications

Send a real-time email notification to your team or clients every time a new lead comes in. Emails can be easily customized to match your brand.

Embed third-party tools

Unbounce supports custom code so you can easily add third-party tools like Drift, Calendly, HotJar, and more.

4. Account Management

Unbounce makes it simple to stay organized. Manage multiple clients, users, or campaigns from a single account. Set permissions for each user and duplicate successful landing pages, popups, and sticky bars between accounts.

account management

Manage multiple clients

Efficiently manage multiple clients from a single account, and stay organized by keeping details from each account separate.

Single sign-on (SSO)

With Unbounce no more juggling passwords. With single sign-on (SSO), your usernames and permissions are all managed from one place.

Unlimited users

With Unbounce add as many users as you need from your agency, team, or otherwise.

Give everyone access

You can send previews of your pages to your team or clients with multi-user permissions. Manage access with roles like Admin, Author, or Viewer.

IP filters

Keep your reporting data clean by excluding certain IP addresses. IP filters allow you to test and visit campaigns from anywhere without polluting your tracking.

Audit logs

Gain oversight of a whole team’s actions in the builder with a complete record of user activity in your account. You can also export reports for easy review.

Export client leads

If you’re working with multiple clients, you can organize and export leads for each one individually. Export your leads to CSV from single or multiple pages.

5. Performance and Security

You need to be 100% confident your business data is safe and your customers’ privacy is protected. At Unbounce, we take your security and performance very seriously with industry-leading safety features and protocols.

unbounce security

Speed Boost

Every Unbounce page is designed to follow Google’s best practices for web performance and speed.

Five worldwide data centers

Your landing pages are speedy in every country you’re targeting with your campaigns using five worldwide data centers.

Fast content delivery

Using Amazon’s CloudFront, the Unbounce Content Delivery Network (CDN) allows your landing pages, popups, and sticky bars to load quickly from any location.

Privacy by design

From forms to transactions, everything Unbounce does is designed to keep your data secure and the privacy of your business, leads, and visitors intact.

GDPR compliant

Unbounce complies with worldwide data privacy and security standards, including GDPR, CASL, and PCI-DSS.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Make your login process secure by requiring secondary authentication on a trusted device in addition to a password.

Automatic SSL encryption

All landing pages display a green padlock in their browser window (next to an HTTPS URL) assuring your visitors that their data is secure.

Unbounce Review: Pricing

Unbounce offers amazingly flexible pricing plans that come with a wide range of features.

pricing unbounce

Unbounce offers four pricing plans which are Launch, Optimize, Accelerate and Scale.

1. Launch Price Plan

Get $72USD / month, when billed annually and is best suited for beginners in the creating landing page. Everything you need to build landing pages fast—all without a developer.

The launch plan includes:

  • Up to 500 Conversions 
  • Up to 20,000 Visitors 
  • Connected Domain

2. Optimize Price Plan

Get $108USD / month, when billed annually. Everything in Launch, plus: A/B testing and conversion intelligence tools like Smart Traffic to help you maximize each click.

The optimize plan includes:

  • Up to 1,000 Conversions 
  •  Up to 30,000 Visitors 
  •  3 Connected Domains

3. Accelerate Price Plan

Get $180USD / month, when billed annually. Everything in Optimize, plus: quick-loading AMP pages and increased limits to fuel your growth.

The Accelerate plan includes:

  • Up to 2,000 Conversions 
  •  Up to 40,000 Visitors 
  •  7 Connected Domains

4. Scale Price Plan

Get $270USD / month, when billed annually. Everything in Accelerate, plus: big-time bandwidth for reaching more people with your campaigns.

The Scale plan includes:

  • Up to 3,000 Conversions 
  •  Up to 50,000 Visitors 
  •  15 Connected Domains

Note: All Unbounce pricing plan includes Unlimited landing pages, Unlimited popups, Unlimited sticky bars.

Unbounce Review: Pros and Cons

Unbounce Pros

  • The Unbounce page builder is super flexible and customizable
  • Smart traffic & A/B testing creates a smoothest customer journey
  • Sticky bars and pop ups are flexible
  • Unbounce allows you to build any web experience without the constraints of most other tools
  • A lot of templates available for different industries and verticals
  • Spinning up pages to test for various campaigns is quick and easy, and doesn’t require any development resources
  • Complete mobile friendly
  • Unbounce is super easy to use – you can create a landing page in minutes with no technical experience necessary. Not only that, but the integrate with a bunch of CRMs (including my fav, Hubspot!), and their marketing content is top notch. Follow their social too – it’s good stuff! 🙂
  • Unbounce makes it easy to deliver unique landing page experiences with high Google Ads quality scores that lower advertising costs.
  • Easy-to-use, great UX to build beautiful and relevant landing pages very fast, value for money.
  • Its very easy to create landing pages and there are a lot of really good features like DKI & easy A/B tests to name a few.
  • Inserting and editing images, text, lightboxes, videos and even meta data is easy.
  • You can drag and drop elements on any part of the Page, can resize and do Adjustments way easily.
  • Customer support is extreamly responsiive and will not excuse themselves from helping you.

Unbounce attention to details, customer-centric approach and ease of use has helped it stand out amid so many other landing page creating platform.

And the testimonials and reviews can vouch for all of its impressive features and attributes.

Unbounce Cons

Unbounce is one of the most trusted webinars in the market right now. However, it is not without its cons.

Here are some of them:

  • The form builder does exactly what it should do – but I would like to see staged forms natively supported.
  • There is limited functionality and analytics around the sticky bars and pop ups.
  • AMP functionality is not available on lower plans.
  • Unbounce has layers like an Adobe CC product would, I wish it also had some of the same shortcuts and hotkeys.

The complaints about Unbounce have been few and far in between, which further undergirds its reputation as one of the best landing page creating platforms.

What Unbounce Alternatives Are There?

If you’re still having doubts and are not entirely sold out on the prospect of using Unbounce to create a landing page, here’re some alternatives for you. As such, there are plenty of alternatives to Unbounce.

Here’s a look at some of the platforms that can rival Unbounce:

1. Instapage

unbounce vs instapage

An end-to-end solution for deploying personalized post-click landing pages at scale. Instapage Creates Landing Pages More Quickly & Increases Conversion Rate & ROI. Increase Advertising ROI. Schedule A Demo. Lower CPC Costs. Increase Conversions.


  • Ease of use, simplicity of page building and deployment.
  • No complications in onboarding any third-party agency partner and no risks associated with it.
  • By using the subdomain, we are able to very easily deploy the tool without interfering with the main domain and CMS structure.
  • Instapage has an excellent team when it comes to supporting us and agility of response. They provided custom training, prepared videos and were extremely accomodating to our needs.
  • Very easy to use and teach to others, immense flexibility, good & responsive support team, robust and easy-to-use A/B testing function.


  • The lack of an out-of-the-box integration with Hubspot forms is also a bit annoying, as we have to connect every page to Zapier.
  • you can’t convert text from headers to paragraphs and vice versa
  • Some simple things such as font size on mobile pages is not easily changed and requries additional tech tickets.


Instapage comes with a $199 annual pricing & custom pricing plan.

2. HubSpot

hubspot vs unbounce

Create and publish new landing pages in no time.

Quickly design and launch professional-looking landing pages without the help from developers or IT.

Choose from our built-in library of mobile-optimized templates that are proven to convert, or build pages from the ground up. With the drag-and-drop page editor, customizing your page’s content, forms, layout, and branding is a snap.


  • It’s very easy to use and comes up with great UI.
  • The HubSpot user experience is far superior to other Marketing automation tools I have used
  • Creating drip campaigns and different workflows has been a dream and I highly recommend it.
  • With Hubspot you can integrate with 3rd party applications to get contact details.
  • Easy-to-access css&html&javascript modules are also helpful


  • Price High
  • Difficulties with aligning photos and text properly
  • don’t find the social hub monitoring function to be that user-friendly


You can use a starter plan of $45/month billed annually, a professional plan of $800/month billed annually, and an enterprise plan of $3200/month.

3. Leadpages

leadpages vs unbounce

Leadpages help small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales. Easily build websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond.


  • It certainly takes less time compared to building a site on wordpress
  • While there are templates and tools for just about every use, it’s all so well organized and easy to use, it feels easy to use.
  • The flexibility it can offer in creating various leadboxes and lead pages for all uses.
  • The way you can simply pick a template, edit and publish it on your Domain with the help of a Plugin
  • Easy alert bars and pop ups.


  • I have a lot of pages and pop-ups and while the internal search feature is good, it can still be time-consuming to find what I am looking for.
  • Although it is very customizable, there are also limits like for example in our landing pages we would like the copy to be above the fold however the challenge is that the spacing can only be minimized up to a certain extent so you have to tinker with the copy, adjust the other elements in the page etc. However nothing too major that would make me not recommend it to peers.
  • The interface popup for editing text is not that userfriendly.


You can use an advanced plan of $239 / Month billed annually, a pro plan of $59 / Month billed annually, and a standard plan of $27 / Month billed annually.

4. Landingi

unbounce vs landingi

Build unlimited landing pages quickly and easily. Get more leads, maximize sales and watch your business grow.


  • Landingi is in the step by step to improve our marketing work, from the creation and elaboration of landing pages, to their use tests and integrations, until their correct optimization and implementation are achieved.
  • It has tools such as A / B tests to develop any possibility and verify its correct operation, as well as the analysis of situations, form generator, editing and personalization in real time that with just a few steps such as drag and drop it is possible to create great things. 
  • t allows me to streamline the work of the landing page thanks to dynamic tools that allow quick writing processes, locate and manage ads, allowing them to automatically reach the right and indicated pages.
  • Very intuitive and versatile. Cheaper than the alternatives when you don’t need a lot of pages.


  • Could have more templates. Would like to see industry specific templates.
  • I don’t like their wordpress plugin because it puts them in order of how the pages were published and when you have 200+ pages that means you are on page 21 of wordpress to import the page.
  • Prices. In my opinion if you want to customize well, it costs a lot of money.


You can use an agency plan of $149/month billed annually, an automate plan of $79 / Month billed annually, and a create plan of $55 / Month billed annually.

5. Clickfunnels

unbounce vs click funnels

Clickfunnels is a website builder that allows users to create everything from membership websites, sales funnels, lead generation systems, to product launch pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, and e-commerce systems all with drag and drop ease.


  • It is very simple to create landing pages, squeeze pages, and sales page, they have a lot of pre-made templates that you need to edit a bit and ready to use them.
  • I really like the ease of use and the amount of value they provide you when signing up
  • I can’t believe the quantity of quality pieces of training and videos, support, and tools Clickfunnels provides.
  • I love automated systems, so using Clickfunnels is getting really fun to use. It’s a lot easier when you are guided from the overall strategy to the tactics.
  • I love how easy it is to understand the videos for troubleshooting technical problems and the fact that they have videos for the sites they connect to.


  • For me, the main drawback for Clickfunnels is the pricing, the lowest price is $97 per month, I find it a little bit steeper if you just want to build one or two squeeze pages.
  • Copy and paste your tracking code on each funnel


You can start with click funnels plan with $97/month, or go with click funnels platinum with $297/month and finally, you can select two comma clubx at $2497 per month.

How Do You Get Started With Unbounce?

Getting started with Unbounce is pretty straightforward.

The good news is that Unbounce is currently 14 days free trial.

Here are the steps to get set up.

First, click on the “Log- in” option from the top-right part of the website.

click log in unbounce

Now click on “log in” (if already your account is created) you will be redirected to log in page but when you “create an account” you will redirected to price page or else you can also “login in” with google.

create a account unbounce

Now “click on create a account “ you will redirected to price page , hence select any price plan to create your login.

select price to login

Now, when you “select a price plan” and “click” on it you will be redirected to your basic account info where you need to put your name, last name, email, password, and accept terms & conditions and “click” on sign up with email.

fill basic info

Now, you are redirected billing informartion page where you need to fill billing first & last name, company name, phone number,address, apt/suite, city, state, pincode and country via PayPal or else enter credit cards details and “click” on start my free 14 day trial.

enter paypal or credit card details

Now, confirm email and you can start your account.

After that, you’re live and ready to go.


Numerous impressive benefits and a considerable number of positive reviews and ecstatic users online are a testament to the excellence of Unbounce.

Furthermore, Unbounce offers enough step-by-step tutorials in-built to guide you along the way and help you create and run unbounce, even if you are a beginner.

Moreover, Unbounce offers modern, advanced customer engagement and interaction features, which makes it an excellent supplement for your efforts if you aim to boost sales and generate revenue through your landing page.

The best part is that you get a 14-day free trial to help you determine whether it’s right up your alley or not.

So go on and try it out for yourself!

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