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Uscreen Review: VOD Features, Pricing, Alternatives & More 2021


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This is a digital world where high-quality video creating, distribution, and monetization is a new business model. Hence, we have VOD( video on demand) and OTT (over the top) internet platforms to get entertainment and start making money.

Creating videos and distribution is available in many VOD and OTT platforms but monetization is the key challenge because it will bring you money for your creation and hard work but now you need not worry about it because I found the solution to it.

Today, when it comes to VOD and OTT video hosting platforms and monetization, only one name that comes to my mind is Uscreen -The #1 VOD Platform for Video Monetization.

One word for Uscreen review is “an easy and simple way for internet video hosting and monetization” and hence I provide ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  (5star rating ) for feasibility.


In this Uscreen review, I will discuss the Uscreen review in-depth covering all aspects of VOD and OTT platforms so as you can make a fruitful decision to create videos and monetize them.

What is Uscreen?

Uscreen is the leading and trusted unique VOD platform for video creation, distribution, and monetization online and via OTT apps.

Launched in 2015, Uscreen is helping entrepreneurs, businesses, startups, freelancers, professional services, fitness experts, trainers, e-learning, yoga experts, YouTubers, speakers, motivators educators, designers, movie makers, and many more to distribute and monetize their video content online and through OTT apps.

The best part of Uscreen is that you require no technical skills.

Under one roof, Uscreen allows you to build a profitable VOD (video on demand) business with a live streaming online website and branded OTT apps.

Today, Uscreen has 11000+ video creators, 8.5+ million end users, and 17+ million videos played actively and presence in 195 countries worldwide, headquartered in Washington DC.

what is uscreen?

What Uscreen Does?

Uscreen will help and benefit in the following ways :

  • Provide worldclass and fast video hosting service
  • Website and landing page customizable builder
  • Secure payment processing
  • Builds TV and mobile apps
  • Presell live streams for creators
  • Rich and effective integrations, including Zapier access
  • Built-in marketing tools and sequences for abandoned cart and reduce churn

What Makes Uscreen OTT different from other OTT Platforms

When we have several live video streaming app and websites, it becomes very difficult to make a decision on which one is the best OTT platform to sell their video, monetize it, and their own streaming service like Netflix.

uscreen competitor difference

Uscreen is the only platform that helps its customers scale their streaming service. We take care of the whole lot: from video hosting, streaming, built-in billing, monetization, all the way to analytics, and end-user support.

Hence, look at 10 reasons why Uscreen is different from its competitors :

  • Everthing at one place : At Uscreen you will find video hosting, streaming, billing, monetization, users support,analytics and reporting at one place.
  • More additional features: You can resume watching with all marketing and sales tools, analytics , intergrations plus get your own customers and users and control them
  • Build landing page: Create a beautiful landing page for website and app to build a trustable VOD and OTT platform through customizable theme, logos, wider choice of color and advanced modification with custom CSS and HTML.
  • Predictable price: This feature you won’t find in any other platforms where Uscreen offers tranparent and predicable pricing structure for each pricing plans.
  • Scale price: You can easily move from one price plan to another without worrying about susbscriber or hosting caps.
  • Control customer: You can easily control your customer billing and any other information securely without any worry.
  • Training & support: Generate revenue faster with onboarding webnairs and marketing training workshop, start a free trail today.
  • Highly rated app: Uscreen has highly rated 5 star app with fast loading, impressive design and superior user experience for advanced customer needs.
  • Highest integration: Uscreen you will have highest integration in VOD and OTT industry with Salesforce,Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact and many more.
  • Customer service: At Uscreen you will get exceptional service from basic stepup to advanced level helping in each and every step .

How Many People Use Uscreen VOD and OTT

Headquartered in Washington D.C and 100+ individuals located around the world.

uscreen customer worldwide

Today, Uscreen is used by 11,000+ creators with 8.5 million end-users in 195 countries and 17+ million videos played to date.

Recognizable Uscreen Customers

Here is the list of active Uscreen customers worldwide :

uscreen list of customers
  • Get It Done Fitness Limited
  • Naturally Sassy
  • VIDA Fitness
  • Gymbox
  • Sersana Home
  • Wheel House
  • Women’s Golf
  • Horse TV
  • Signature TV
  • Max Maxwell TV
  • My IELTS Classroom
  • Kweli TV
  • CETV
  • National Comedy Center
  • SarahBethYoga
  • Yoga Today
  • Revive
  • NBC Sports Camp
  • Button Poetry
  • And many more

How Uscreen Works

Uscreen is an all one VOD and OTT platform that provides video distribution, selling, and monetization with online streaming and OTT apps for every business or individuals.

how uscreen works
uscreen working
  • Sign up First process Uscreen is the registration process where you can start to choose the registration process to move further.
  • Upload & organize Now you can upload the video in bulk or individually and manage, organize the video for end-users.
  • Set price Now, you can pick your pricing plan and choose your strategy for video monetization.
  • Customize theme Build a trustable brand with a custom and ready-to-use theme to make your platform presentable.
  • Promote and market Grow your audience fast using built-in marketing and community tools.
  • Collect paymentsMonitor, organize and control your payment and stay up to date on the growth.
  • Native apps Get your own branded video streaming native app and distribute your video content to mobile and other devices like TV.

How to Monetize With Uscreen

There are 6 wonderful ways to monetize with Uscreen fast and they are as follows:

uscreen monetization

1) Uscreen Monetization : Subscription

The most common online video monetization ways are a subscription model, where the Uscreen subscription monetization strategy helps you make money through recurring. Users can subscribe for a particular price plan and once the subscription period is over, users have to again recharge or renew it to view the video content.

2) Uscreen Monetization: Pay Per View

Now, you can monetize your video content with pay per view model which means you have to pay for each individual shows that you watch hence users in this pay-per-view model have the control over the video he or she wants to watch as per taste and preference and ignore the other video content available.

3) Uscreen Monetization: Free Trial

The free trial method is also a good strategy to monetize video content through Uscreen. You give users the right to watch videos for free for a certain time period let’s say 14 days, 21 days, 1 month, and 3 months, then make them pay for it to continue to watch video content further.

4) Uscreen Monetization: Rentals

You can monetize video on Uscreen through rentals, where you provide a limited-time access period for your video content and again make the user pay to use the video content. Rentals of video content can be for weeks, 15 days, 1month, 3month and depending on your business monetization policy and growth rate.

5) Uscreen Monetization: Bundles

Creating bundles of video and monetizing it is also available on Uscreen with a one-time fee. This monetization method will be a cost-saving way for users as they can get several bundle video one time and will less cost and fees. This monetization method is a very effective selling strategy on VOD and OTT apps.

6) Uscreen Monetization: Lifetime

Lifetime Uscreen monetization strategy has also been loved by users as they can pay a one-time fee and get lifetime access to your video content on VOD and OTT platforms and this monetization strategy is useful for both creators and users.

Uscreen Review : Features

Uscreen has a list of features that will help you build a scalable streaming business on the OTT and VOD platforms.

  • Centralized CMS – With Uscreen you can now upload, store, organize, monitor, and distribute your video content in one single place itself with the help of CMS (content management system)
  • Create your own brand – Now you can create and personalize your own website and app with a custom theme, color, logo, text to make your product presentable with custom CSS and HTML advanced modiifications.
  • Vidoe monetization – With Uscreen you have a wide range of monetization models like subscription, pay-per-view, free trial, rentals, bundles, and lifetime options.
  • Advanced analytics– Now you can get access to advanced analytics and reporting of your video and performance as per need.
  • Video promotion– Use discounts, special gifts, coupons, and other marketing tools and tricks to increase your reach and touch a large audience and customer retention.
  • OTT app – With no coding skill you can successfully launch your video to your mobile and tv apps with time duration to launch averaging 30-60 days.
  • Community engagement– Now you can be in touch and contact with your key customer by commenting, answering, and more from your dashboard.
  • Security- With Uscreen you can enjoy high level of privacy and security for your video. User data is safe and stable and no data is compromised with SSL security and secured payment data.
Uscreen features

No hidden cost and no coding skill are required to launch your video online and via OTT platforms without any worry about server storage and it’s all-inclusive in payment plans.

Uscreen Features

1) OTT Apps

ott app and tv devices

With no coding skills, you can successfully launch, distribute and monetize your own video steaming OTT apps for mobile devices and tv. OTT apps mean the top application which delivers video content using the internet in place of satellite tv and cables. It allows to instantly run fast stream video on both iOS and android and using tv devices as well like Apple tv, Android tv, Roku Box, and Amazon Fire tv. Uscreen is the leading and fast-growing OTT streaming video platform where all heavy lifting from publishing to regular updates is done by Uscreen at affordable and fixed fees. Hence, you just need to focus on video content building.

2) Live Streaming

live streaming uscreen

Uscreen has the most powerful live HD streaming platform with a 5 rated customer viewing experience where you can grow your user community fast with high power streaming capabilities on web, mobile, and tv apps with live chat options to engage with customers easily and seamlessly. Also, increase your strength and capabilities with your live stream audience through live and real chatbox right next to your live stream video regardless of any location and storage bandwidth with not only web but with native app android, iOS, and other Tv devices. Additionally, you can have an app notification for live stream video events to stay connected.
Live chat, preregistration, auto record live stream, and live countdown are some features of live streaming.

3) Video Monetization

video monetization

Uscreen is the fast video on demand monetization platform for your live streaming video through the web and OTT apps. Uscreen monetization can be through subscription, pay-per-view, free trial, rentals, bundles, and lifetime options and ways. Also, you can have seamless payment solutions and integration with stripe, credit cards,uscreen gateway, PayPal, and which offers hassle-free checkout and payments. Uscreen is used worldwide hence payment is accepted from 130+ international currencies.

4) Marketing & Analytics

marketing analytics uscreen

Using Uscreen built-in marketing tools you can unlock the true potential of your video. With marketing tools, you can explore sales leads and convert to paying customers with offers, discounts, coupons, and upsell features to maximize the sales revenue fast. Create your landing and website page for responsive results and to create a memorable customer experience by building effective marketing funnels to maximize your sales lead generation and connection with analytical tools to provide real-time information on the dashboard for a better understanding of productivity.
Hence, Reduce churn rate up to 35%, upsell subscription, abandoned cart and free give away funnel are features of Uscreen marketing and analytics.

5) Video CMS

video CMS

With Uscreen you can easily upload, store, organize and distribute your video content using Uscreen video CMS. Lightweight fast video is possible through super encoding to save your time and uploading video data if you lost the connection during upload means by any chance your internet is disconnected and you go offline, you can continue from where you left it. Uscreen CMS (content management system) helps you in video hosting services and effective delivery, even you can upload bulk and single video wich extract function like PDF and workbook which is possible through the speedy encoding of Uscreen. Adding to it you have playback demand and live streaming feature, scheduling your video for upload with the release, expiry date, and with full control of publishing and unpublish feature. Schedule content, Metadata SEO, subtitles and closed caption, custom thumbnails upload are features of Uscreen CMS.

6) Video Player

video player uscreen

Instant fast HD video playback is super smooth and secure everywhere every time. With Uscreen HTML5 video player you can give the audience a wonderful and seamless online video playback which is available in full HD quality video with an uncompromised delivery and security. Uscreen HTML5 video player is built for video on demand with white label feature, full support for VTT captions and screen readers, and blazing fast “vanilla” ES6 JavaScript player for smooth video functioning by providing global delivery regardless of any physical location.
CDN delivery, closed captions, speed controls, and cast to TV are features of the Uscreen video player.

7) Customization

uscreen customization

Uscreen offers the highest level of customization with VOD themes and templates. Build a presentable online website and landing page to engage with the audience with beautiful themes for video monetization. No coding skill and powerful quick set up is key differentiation of Uscreen which is for all apps and devices. You have all control of a custom website with a visual editor which is easy to use with a custom logo and colors with a superior browsing experience. Secured SSL, set multiple languages, video hosting services, and add a custom domain are features of Uscreen customization.

8) Community

community uscreen

Uscreen provides a very engaging powerful community around your videos. With engaging, comment, and chat features you can stay connected with your own community around the video content build by you to create a strong audience bond and network community. Right at the dashboard, you are integrated with a comment, discussion, chat with live video running with managing and monitoring the complete dashboard. Encourage your audience to build profile avatar, description, bio, and manage access and billing in real-time. Audience communication and custom transparent personal are key features of the Uscreen community.

9) Security

security uscreen

Above all Uscreen focuses on a high and powerful level of privacy and security so as you can distribute and monetize your video and customer data securely like you can own and control your video content, user data, usage preference, and billing information safely and securely with any worries. Uscreen offers an advanced layer of data protection with PA-DSS PCI payment complaint processing. Secured payment data, SSL security,99.99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring is a feature of Uscreen security.

Uscreen Review: Pricing

Uscreen provides 14 days free trial costing $1 only and offers three pricing plans basic, amplify, and enterprise.

uscreen pricing

1) Basic Pricing Plan

Uscreen basic pricing plan is available at $49/month billed annually and $99/month billed monthly.

Uscreen basic price includes:

  • $0.50/subscriber(Per subscriber per month)
  • Sell on your own terms
  • Website, marketing tools & automations
  • Bandwidth & storage is included
  • We’ll get you onboarded

2) Amplify Pricing Plan

Uscreen amplify pricing plan is available at $399/month billed annually and $499/month billed monthly.

Uscreen amplify price includes:

  • $0.50/subscriber(Per subscriber per month)
  • Live streaming
  • Live chat & countdowns
  • Robust integrations
  • We’ll migrate you for free

3) Enterprise Pricing Plan

Uscreen enterprise pricing plan is available at customization with 877 790 9757.

Uscreen enterprise price includes:

  • $0.50/subscriber(Per subscriber per month)
  • White-label mobile apps
  • White-label TV OTT apps
  • Live streaming & live chat
  • API Access
  • End user support
  • White-glove account management

Uscreen Review : Pros and Cons

Uscreen pros and cons are as follows:

Uscreen Pros

  • A very user-friendly video hosting platform
  • Monetization ways are very simple and full of choices
  • Impressive website, landing page, and OTT app builder with custom features
  • Own and white level feature available
  • Superior browsing and playback facilities
  • Powerful bandwidth to support your live streaming video on the web and OTT app
  • Smart and powerful integration functions to rapid scale business and monetization
  • Interactive audience communication features to stay connected to users
  • Secured and reliable payment gateways
  • Manage and monitor video activities through centralized Video CMS
  • Free 14 days trial at a reasonable price $1 only
  • Marketing and analytics tools for video distribution and faster growth
  • No hidden charges
  • SEO friendly encoding pre functioned
  • 27/7 customer support
  • Video scheduling and publishing functions.

Uscreen Cons

  • Uscreen basic pricing plan high with $99/month billed monthly
  • Doesn’t serve ads on video content creator channels which can be another way for monetization.
  • Creator’s videos can’t be embedded to a third party website or shared directly to social media.

The limitation of a Uscreen are few and minimum and hence it’s the #1 VOD and OTT platform for video monetization.

What Uscreen Alternatives Are There ?

After reading about the Uscreen video hosting platform, but still, you are looking for other video monetization platforms then below are the best video monetization platform for Uscreen.

Take a look at the VOD and OTT video platforms that are rival to Uscreen.



Muvi is a video and audio monetization platform for creators around the world offering a white-level platform with multi-screen video and audio streaming in few minutes and at zero upfront investment.


  • Muvi offers zero revenue share
  • Video and audio monetization available
  • White labelled website available
  • Dedicated server facilities
  • No set up fee
  • 24/7 and 365 days service
  • Unlinited transcoding,content,subscribers and video


  • Muvi can offer more design choices for users
  • The price of products are high


Muvi has different products and every product has a different pricing structure, however, Muvi’s price range starts at $149/month and goes up to $ 8900 per month.

How Do You Get Started With Uscreen ?

“Click” on a free 14 days trial with email id and industry and the “click” on getting started.

free trial login uscreen

Fill the details required with card information for starting 14 days of a free trial.

free 14 days trial uscreen

Now, you have a make payment of $1 to start with Uscreen, once payment is confirmed, you may enter the Uscreen dashboard.

Avoid This Mistake When Starting On VOD and OTT Platform

When you think of launching VOD and OTT video via app and website, you must avoid these mistakes:

No Marketing Plan- Most common and deadly mistake on VOD and OTT, People start with great enthusiasm and over a period of time, the energy and positivity fail because you don’t get the desired result fast. After all, they start with no marketing plan, and hence many start giving up. Don’t do it but the main consistency of work with an effective marketing strategy supported by great entertaining and useful video content.

Incorrect VOD and OTT platform- Many creators just don’t understand that every VOD and OTT platform is not built for their product, they blindly start to create the platform and promote it without understanding the feasibility of the platform, You must understand that your product and video monetization must match otherwise you will not get the result. Hence, research well that which VOD and OTT platform is right for your product and make you money.

Privacy and Security- You must have an in-depth study and research of privacy and security of the VOD and OTT platform you are willing to use, read their privacy policy word by word, step by step, get their customer reviews, and then decide to work on their VOD and OTT platform, don’t be in a hurry to start the video monetization, take time when it comes to security and privacy of your own and user data.


In this Uscreen review article, I have covered all necessary features, monetization, pricing pros and cons, customers, and how to start with Uscreen.

Uscreen is no doubt the best and leading VOD platform for video monetization offering great support in customization, CMS, hosting, editing, and distribution around the globe with high data security.

Uscreen price is even lower as compared to competition starting with $49/month and a free trial for $1 where you can launch your own and self-branded OTT app on mobile and TV devices.

Uscreen even offers a centralized solution to manage your video and build a successful on-demand video business with all marketing and analytical tools.

Last but not the least, if you are thinking of OTT and VOD platforms, then Uscreen is the trusted name.

Now, start with Uscreen today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Uscreen offers free 14 days free trial at $1 only.
Uscreen offers an average timeline of 45-60 days to launch your apps but sometimes it happens much sooner than accepted.
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