What are the recent and emerging trends in selling ?


Each day is a new day in sales as we meet and interact with new customers with different tastes and preferences, choices, mindset, and decision-making approaches. Every company is focusing to become a sales leader by keep eye on recent & emerging trends in selling hence every professional company and leaders are trying to explore new market and sales opportunity to become a leader with a first-mover advantage.

Every individual and business are sales forecasting to stay ahead of competitors plus companies are hunting for recent and emerging sales trends to gain maximum market share. Companies are cautiously hiring sales professionals with commitment and delivery to succeed in local and global markets.

Keeping eye on recent and emerging trends to stay ahead is now a real challenge for business and hence let’s have a look at the recent and emerging trends in sales.

Recent and Emerging Trends 1

1.Technology driven lead generation

Lead generation is the first step of sales cycle and it is the most important and critical factor in sales. A quality lead generation will give quality business, hence it is very important for business and salesperson to generate or identify a quality customer and where technology has played a very important role to filter the right and correct customers for you.

Technology like AI, ML and other is helping the business in recent time to identify customers and save time and energy. The “V” shape approach is created by technology to understand customers better.

Example: If I wanted to purchase a flat in Noida, the customer would simply fill the form with the name and number and companies would receive the details.

Recent trends example: Now you wanted to purchase a flat in Noida, then technology will ask “premium flat” or “budget size flat “, “on which floor”, “flat size”, “expected value”, “property ownership” and so on.

You can view above that technology is filtering “customer inquiry” into “possible business” and all such possibility is available through the website, whatsApp, google search and google my business and others.

purpose of image is to show technology support in lead generation

Recent and Emerging Trends 2

2. Referral & Affiliate Sales

Referral & Affiliate sales are the recent and emerging trends in B2B & B2C category where one customer refers his/her friend, third party, relatives, or family members and if the purchase happens then the customers receive commissions or incentives.

Referral & Affiliate sales encourage the customers to make money and hence he/she refers someone for the product and services to buy.

purpose of image is to show referral and affiliates help in lead generation

Recent and Emerging Trends 3

3. Sales Reps Hiring

Companies have understood the importance of hiring a quality candidate into the sales domain because one quality candidate can take the business to a new height and hence hiring a good salesperson is very important.

The recent and emerging trends in hiring a sales professional will only not depend on how many experiences does he have but on skills, practical exposure towards sales, co-curricular activities/hobbies, and authentic data-driven by social media, and track record of past achievements.

purpose of image is to sales hiring is important in lead generation

Recent and Emerging Trends 4

4. Micro Video Approach

Small video apps are making a larger impact in the sales domain. Customers and users are consuming small videos online on a very large scale as it is a better medium of understanding a particular topic/theme or content. Micro video is all known as video-sharing social network services app. Now this video sharing platform is becoming a medium of sales lead generation, hiring a great sales professional, closure of sales orders,s and others.

Micro video sharing apps are Mitron, Josh, Chingari, MOJ, Max Taka Tak with support of local languages like hindi, bengali, telgu, punjabi and many more.

purpose of image is to show micro video app helps in lead generation

Recent and Emerging Trends 5

5. Social Media Support

Social Media is the recent and emerging trend for the sales domain across all business verticals. At least 90% of customers have one social media accounts and hence companies are targeting the customers on every platform to grow their sales. Companies are using AI to understand the behavioral pattern of their end customer hence targeting and re-targeting them on Facebook, Instagram , Pinterest, and others to generate and close sales.

Example: You have searched for honeymoon tour package in google and again you saw ads running regarding tour packages in facebook accounts, if “yes” then this is the use of technology to re-target on social media handles.

Recent and Emerging Trends 6

6. Multi Ad Approach

You must have seen roadside hoarding and a banner displaying products ads right but have you ever thought that one hoarding displays only one ad only and hence, emerging trends for new sales is hidden when we will display multi ads in the same hoarding for the same company and products with the help of electric/battery solutions.

In some of the hoarding, you can find such idea for this is emerging as it will reduce the cost to companies and customers will be able to view the multi ad of same products with a time duration.

purpose of image is to show multi ad approach in lead generation

Recent and Emerging Trends 7

7. Track result through advanced automation

When we have a large team working then it becomes important to use advanced automation tools to track the results of individuals and teams to grow and prosper. Sales professional spend their 95% of the time in markets and hence it is important to have a track record of a number of meeting, time of meets, follow-up, closures, and other and such support is always via automation.

Sales automation provides the end-to-end experience of sales cycle starting from lead generation to closure and references with minimum efforts.

Companies are providing sales automation tool for 14 days trails and then prices is based on per user basis; example -Rs 99/user/month.

purpose of image is to show sales automation help in lead generation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Recent and Emerging sales trend are required: 1. to stay update about your sales and business verticals 2. to stay ahead of competition 3. to perform 4. to provide after sales service
Sales automation is a technology tool in form of software ,SaaS or app to provide support and guidance on sales cycle.
Companies providing best referral and affiliate commissions are: 1. Amazon 2. Flipkart 3. Tata Sky 4. ZOHO 5. D Mart
Sales Professional can get hired in coming years only with : 1. Skills 2. Proven track records 3. Strong social media reference in the similar domain
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