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When it comes to manages large functions and data whether from a single location or multiple then you require a system or process in place which can solve your problem and hence sales force automation comes into pictures with larger than ever benefit and components to make the work seamless and easier.

Hence, if you want an effective and efficient sales team, sales management, sales functioning, or sales accounting to grow your business smoother and faster then automate your sales force.

Sales force automation can be through tools like software, mobile app, and SAAS (software as a service).

Now, let’s Understand Sales Force Automation In Depth.

sales force automation  or SFA

What is Sales Force Automation?

Sales Force Automation is defined as the use of tools and integration processes for all sales management functions under one roof. Sales Force Automation automates the complete sales functions like lead management, salesperson activity, sales quota, sales closure, sales forecasting & communication, sales team management, and sales billing.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is often written as SFA , Salesforce Automation, and Salesforce Management.

Components Of Sales Force Automation

Every small or big business has set up its own in-house sales force automation (SFA) system to sales productivity and growth in the short & long term for effective internal communication, reference, and long-term customer relationship management (CRM).

components of sales force automation (SFA)

1. Lead Account Automation

Lead account automation is the first step in the sales cycle whether B2B & B2C category. The lead account includes every single piece of information about the customer like company & personal name, designation, business establishment date, email, phone numbers, business category, location, products or services, number of employees, branch locations, tax details, competitors, and others.

The more and accurate information in lead account or the customer KYC , it become easily for automation tools to filter and provide accurate data and information’s.

2. Communication Management

communication with sales force automation (sfa)& crm

Communication management is a very important component of sales force automation (ska) where you record and track the sales cycle activity for building the complete current and future conversation between the customers and the salesperson from calling, updates, emails, chats, and many more.

Strong communication means sales and automation becomes the backbone to sustain sales over a period of time.

3.Customer Activity Automation

Customer activity automation or management is also referred to as task management in different tools used in sales force automation. Here, keep eye on the customer by scheduling the meeting time and date, follow-up date, whom to meet by updating through the daily calendar, and hence this becomes the daily record within the automation system about the productivity of a salesperson and the way ahead in achieving the sales quota.

Task or customer activity automation means schedule or conducts your sales work in a certain way then we don’t need too much of our brain to remember the work and implement it and hence if the information required in the future then the team can easily export and filter the data.

4. Sales Closure Automation

Sales Closure Automation is a key function of sales force automation tool and system where you maintain the track record of your product and service sold to the customer and it comprises of lot many small information like-

Customer Name, Address, Date of Birth, Contact Details, Email, Bank Account Details ( if any), Product & Service Purchased, Date of Purchase, Date & Place of Delivery, Payment Mode, Total Price, Balance Amount, Validity Date, Insurance Cover, Local Tax Details, Business Registration and many more.

5. Sales Billing Management

sales billing automation by sales force automation (sfa)& crm

Sales billing automation is another vital part of sales force automation where we maintain the track record of sales with payment and balance for each and every service offered to a customer in a given data and hence it becomes the part of sales closure management.

Hence, the filtration in terms of money paid, due, hold, returned, default is very precise for a given day, week, quarter, and year through the sales ledger that filtration comes easy.

Sales billing management is also referred as automation is become key factor for delivery after sales service.

6. Sales Report Management

An important part of each function in a small or big company is the sales report. Sales report automation synchronizes the complete sales track record from beginning till the end of every daily, week, quarter, and year in different formats like CSV, PDF, and hence the team members can export it if required on subject to approval from an authorized person.

A sales report is the mirror of the complete productivity of the sales department within an organization to plan and implement a sales strategy for future or current growth and this report due to automation can be easily accessed from any given location and time.

7. Team Collaboration

Sales Force Automation has reached the next level because of cloud data and working management. Accessing the system through your chrome, mozilla, safari browser means you can retrieve the data wherever you are, seeing the latest updates. You can have multiple users all accessing and editing a customer’s account at any one time, creating a central hub for your business.

This is particularly useful if you have a remote workforce and sales professionals can access the automation tool from any location. There’s no need to synchronize the data as everything is updated in real-time.

9 Difference Between Sales Force Automation & CRM

Many people confuse between sales force automation & CRM but under the mentioned table is the differentiation table-

ParametersSales Force Automation ( S F A )Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Purpose Sales Management Customer Management
Features Lead management, Communication, Customer Activity or Task Automation, Sales Closure Automation, Sales Accounting & Report Management, Team CollaborationCustomer interactions (phone, email, and social media), complaints, queries, previous meetings, and purchase history, lead & communication management, sales closure, sales report, and team collaboration automation
Automation Sales Only Customer’s & Sales Both
DifferentiationSales force automation features are often built into a CRM.A CRM isn’t the same as sales force automation
Nature of Function SmallLarger
InvolvementInternal or within the organizationCustomer and Business
Areas Covered
Sales automation
Sales automation
Marketing automation
Service automation
FunctionsSpecialized FunctionCentralized Function
Difference between sales force automation (SFA) & customer relationship management (CRM)

6 Benefits of Sales Force Automation (SFA)

We don’t use any product or services unless their is no benefit attached to it and benefits of salesforce automation are-

1. Increase Productivity

increase productivity by sales force automation (sfa)& crm

Increase productivity means you are rid of the manual sales process and entry and adoption of technology and hence it means you can now focus on sales goals rather than backend work and process.

Increase in productivity by early adaption of sales automation tools in the hand of every individual provide access to each & every sales professional and department.

2. Reduce Cost Of Sales

When sales force automation(SFA) works efficiently with CRM, then you can evaluate the cost of sales operation coming down over a period of time and systematically increase in sales performance of every professional daily, weekly, quarterly and annual basis.

The cost of sales operation coming down refers to sales increase then only it is justified to bring salesforce automation into the business process and increase sales revenue by sales forecast.

3. Gain Deep Customer Insight

Examples- By getting the insight into customer behavior you predict future sales based on that, and also help your sales team and sales managers offer the most relevant products and services to the right customer at the right time.

A lot of amazing facts can amazingly increase the sales quota by planning and targeting the right sales strategy.

4. Save Time

Implementation of salesforce automation tool solves the customer question and customer complaint in real time increase the customer satisfaction and focus on achieving the sales quota.

Real Time -> Real Efforts -> Real Solutions

5. Data Management

data management by sales force automation (sfa)& crm

Are you still manually entering your customer and sales data ,then you must immediately have a salesforce automation tool in process to manage and enter data efficiently time to time.

Once the salesforce automation runs successfully then it can be integrated with other software tools like CRM, if required, with support of API.

6. Reduce Human Error

Have you lost your potential customer due to human error and then regret it? Hence, the time has come to use the benefit of salesforce automation or SFA with CRM to avoid silly mistake and error which can become your potential gainer.

11 Best Sales Force Automation Tools (Functions, Prices & Downloads)

Have a look at examples of SFA tools.

1. Zoho CRM

Sales force automation software for enhanced sales productivity.


Lead ManagementGenerate, organize, and manage leads with ease
Deal ManagementGet complete visibility of your deal pipeline
Account ManagementAn integrated approach to customer account management
Contact ManagementA better way to engage with your contacts
Workflow RulesAutomate routine tasks and save more time
MacrosMacros to make your sales run like clockwork
Assignment RulesAutomatically route leads based on your rules
Partner PortalsHelp your partners close more deals
ForecastingGet a realistic prediction of your future sales revenue
Sales AnalyticsLeverage analytics to improve your business’s bottom line
Mobile AppsMake more sales on the go
Features Of ZOHO CRM

Price of ZOHO CRM

zoho crm pricing


2. Freshworks

Automate your sales activities and focus on selling with integrated sales force automation software.


CUSTOMIZATIONContact Lifecycle Stages, Custom Fields, Custom Sales Activities, Multi-currency and Multi-language
PRODUCTIVITYTask Management, Auto-assignment Rules ,Sales Sequences ,Workflows, Internal Notifications, Contextual Collaboration with Slack
COMMUNICATIONEmail ,Phone, Chat, WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, SMS 
MARKETING AUTOMATIONConversion Rate Optimization, Web Forms, Marketing Lists , Segments, Visual Email Builder, Marketing Journey Builder, Landing Pages
PIPELINE MANAGEMENTMultiple Sales Pipelines, Product Catalog, Sales Goals, Sales Forecasting, Rotten Deals
ANALYTICSStandard Reports, Attribution Reports, Conversion Reports, Win-loss Analysis, Custom Reports
GOVERNANCEAudit Logs, Custom Roles, Field Permissions
INTEGRATIONSAPI Access, Freshdesk, Marketplace, Freshsuccess , Webhooks
MOBILEGoogle Maps, Check-in, Voice Notes, Mobile Offline Mode, Gmail Add-on, Outlook Add-on
Features of Freshworks sales automation


freshwork sales force automation (sfa)& crm pricing


3. FieldAssist

Unleash your SalesForce.

Transform field sales with the all-in-one sales force automation (SFA) app and take control of your sales operations to drive better results and faster growth.


Functions Description

Digital Ordering
Allow sales to utilizing the power of the SFA app and place orders using a smartphone rather than manual order books. Arm your sales assets with real-time data on stock and delivery times allowing them to make better sales pitches. Obtain higher flexibility with outlet and SKU-wise ordering while also providing accurate stock information about each SKU in real-time.
Measure ProductivityBefore you appraise your sales team, let them do it for themselves. Powerful productivity indices like beat efficiency, adherence to plans, times spent at points of sale, and analytics helps sales reps self-assess themselves and improve performance over a period of time.
Catalogue SyncBe done with carrying brochures, sales catalogues and the recurring costs of printing paper catalogues at the slightest modification in the products list and allow your sales teams to harness the power of the sfa app and display products using the digital catalogue which is synced with the main server in real-time to instantly update any changes in products lists or specifications.
Predictive AnalyticsAdvanced predictive analytics helps sales reps suggest orders based on the ordering history of the point of sale. This allows time-saving on both sides while also providing ordering outlets with a seamless experience. Our predictive algorithm has a high success rate meaning sales reps maximize on time-saving allowing them to cover more outlets in lesser time.
Targets and AchievementsSet periodic targets and compare them against achievements to measure efficiency and productivity with the SFA app. Targets can be set against any of the available tracking metrics on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis. Sales teams can also generate comparison reports on targets and achievements.
Instant Custom SurveysFeel the market pulse with field surveys which can be instantly created and customized by your sales reps. New points of sales can be added to the directory during surveys and the information gathered can be used in tactical decision making with the SFA app.
Fieldassist salesforce automation features


fieldassist sales force automation (sfa)& crm pricing


4. Pipedrive

Making sales more efficient

When it comes to developing features for Pipedrive, our philosophy is simple – everything is built around activity-based selling. We believe that in sales (and in life) you can’t control results, but you can control the actions that drive deals towards completion.


Manage leads and dealsSales pipelines, Leads Inbox, Chat, Web Forms, Data fields
Track communicationsContact management, Email inbox, Caller, Scheduler, Activity calendar, Smart Docs
Automate and growSales Assistant, Workflow automation, Smart Contact Data,
Insights and reportsCustomizable reports, Interactive dashboards, Goals
Privacy and securitySecurity center, Visibility and login protection, Organizational data management, Secure infrastructure
Pipedrive features


pipedrive  sales force automation (sfa)& crm pricing

5. HubSpot Salesforce

HubSpot Salesforce Integration

Sync HubSpot with Salesforce for a fast, reliable, and powerful integration between your two databases. No technical setup required.


Get set up in minutes – no technical knowledge required.Getting started with the HubSpot-Salesforce integration is easy and requires no technical work – just a straightforward, phone-based setup process.
What’s more, HubSpot employs a team of engineers and support staff dedicated to maintaining and improving your integration.
You’ll get a lightning-fast integration you and your whole team can rely on.
Send valuable lead intelligence to your sales team.With a powerful bi-directional sync, changes in one system are automatically synced to the other.
Choose which new records sync from HubSpot to Salesforce and when, and automatically send important lead intelligence like email opens, form submissions, website activity, and more to your sales team so they have valuable lead data to help them close more deals.
Send lead scores from HubSpot to Salesforce as well to help your sales team prioritize their outreach and save time.

Close the loop between marketing and sales.
Use details from Salesforce contacts or accounts to personalize marketing emails, segment your database, or send emails on behalf of a lead’s assigned sales rep.
You’ll never have to export a list from Salesforce to kick off a campaign, or import the response from the campaign back into Salesforce.
And as your sales team closes leads as customers, Salesforce will send revenue data from closed-won opportunities right into HubSpot so you can tie specific marketing campaigns to real revenue.
Hubspot features salesforce automation


hubspot sales force automation (sfa)& crm pricing


6. Salesforce

With Sales Cloud, you can grow your accounts faster, find new customers faster, and close deals faster — from anywhere.


Contact management, collaboration, marketing tools, and more.Account and Contact Management , Opportunity Management
Get more leadsLead Management, Sales Data
Accelerate productivityMobile, Workflow, and Approvals, Files Sync and Share
Make insightful decisionsReports and Dashboards, Sales Forecasting
salesforce automation features


salesforce sales force automation (sfa)& crm pricing


7. Sugarcrm

Next-Level Customer Relationship Management ( CRM)


Lead, Opportunity, Account and
Contact Management
Give everyone in the organization complete context for
each customer interaction and insight into what to do next
Product Catalog and Quote ManagementPlace your product catalog right within Sell. Effortlessly
search and browse your company product catalog
and create custom quotes on the fly while viewing the
customer account record. Run reports on opportunities
and revenues by product to anticipate demand and
understand the performance of your product
Reporting and DashboardsDrive strategic business decisions and inform leadership
about important qualities of the business without of the
box and custom reporting. Monitor your key business
metrics and use reports to turn customer data into
business insights
SugarBPMImprove sales efficiency and productivity by spending
less time on manual effort and more time engaging with
customers with robust business process management.
Automate virtually any business process such as lead
routing, quote approvals, customer email notifications, and much more.
Sales ForecastingStreamline your sales cycle and increase deal velocity
with quote management in Sell. Improve visibility and
predictability into your overall business with sales
Sugar is the CRM platform


sugarcrm pricing

8. Netsuite CRM

Grow Your Business with the Industry’s Only Integrated CRM

SFA –Supercharge Sales Performance with Integrated Sales Force Automation Software


Opportunity ManagementStandardize best practices for winning deals by linking your sales process and the customer buying process.
Sales ForecastingMake sales more predictable with real-time forecasting and a system of checks and balances that triangulates the sales forecast.
Quote and Order ManagementStreamline the quote and order process with a fully integrated quote-to-order, cash, and fulfillment solution.
Incentive Compensation ManagementProvide visibility into accurate sales compensation calculation—ensuring the sales team spends more time selling and less time double-checking their commissions.
NetSuite web-based CRM software


net suite crm pricing


9. SAP Sales Cloud

Understand your customers, improve sales engagement, and build relationships that last.


Drive revenue with connected lead, opportunity, and forecast processes
Improve sales productivity with collaboration tools, interactive dashboards, and real-time customer analytics
Maximize selling time with interaction automation and synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail
SAP Sales Cloud SFA


sap sales cloud pricing

10. Agile CRM 

Agile CRM sales automation software creates new tasks automatically for your team.


Contact Management SoftwareAll your contacts in one place, accessible by all, with actionable data updated in real-time.
Deals Deal Tracks and Milestones. Sales Force Automation (SFA). Predictive Analytics.
CRM TelephonyTake customer interaction to the next level with Agile CRM’s industry-leading telephony capabilities and third-party integrations.
Appointment SchedulingPut your calendar online and let your leads schedule appointments
Task ManagementManage projects effectively with Agile’s drag-and-drop task list
GamificationIncrease collaboration, lead conversion, and revenue generation by gamifying your sales process.
Agile CRM sales automation software


 agile crm pricing


How Sales Force Automation ( SFA) Affects Salesperson Productivity?

Let’s talk about the benefits that SFA brings in salesperson life:-

1. Managing and qualifying leads

manage sales lead through sales force automation (sfa)& crm

With SFA, sales reps won’t need to manually pull lead information from different sources, collate them, then get in touch with them.

Sales automation software or SFA does all the heavy lifting, including extracting leads from your various campaigns and touchpoints, scoring and qualifying said leads, and even telling your reps which leads should be contacted immediately, and which are the ones who can wait. 

2. Upselling and cross-selling

After successfully closing a customer, many sales reps quickly move on to their next lead without a second thought. But here’s what these reps don’t realize: this means they’ll miss out on all the upselling and cross-selling opportunities that they might have with that first customer.

Luckily, SFA software will automatically track and record your customer’s entire order history, so that you identify possible upselling and cross-selling opportunities with a single glance. On top of this, you can also program your software to flag out when your customers are likely to make a repurchase, and trigger a reminder for you to follow up with them when it’s time.

If you play your cards right, your customers will end up purchasing from you repeatedly.

3. Centralized Support

centralized support from sales force automation (sfa) & crm

On top of being able to access all your leads via a single dashboard, SFA also allows you to have a centralized database where you can keep track of your customer’s accounts. This enables you to provide your customers with better and more effective support.

Say your customer calls in and requests for help on a certain issue. What happens if the issue is resolved temporarily, but the customer encounters the same problem further down the road?

Without a centralized tracking system, your customer will be forced to recount the details of their problem again, which is a waste of both your customer and the company’s time. With sales force automation (SFA) software, on the other hand, your support staff can easily log in and browse through the notes or latest updates attached to this customer’s account.

 4. Forecasting sales

Strategy-wise, SFA software comes equipped with features that enable you to analyze customer behaviors and market sentiment. This software helps you to understand past and current sales trends more intimately, which in turn allows you to come up with an accurate sales forecast.

With an accurate, precise sales forecast that you can rely on, you’ll be able to map out your marketing campaigns and strategies more effectively. If your company holds physical inventory, you can also use your sales forecast to fine-tune your reordering time and quantity.

5. Generating reports and analytics

analytics for sales force automation (sfa)

Last but not least, sales force automation (SFA) software is a godsend for team leaders or business owners who look at analytics or reports on a regular basis. With sales force automation software, generating these analytics can be done with a click of a button. You’ll spend less time putting the numbers together, and more time identifying the challenges and opportunities that your team is facing.


Manual process replaced by automation tools, SFA is a very vital tool to increase sales performance and productivity for growth and hence we need a centralized automation cum CRM tools which will provide better integration and connectivity to increase efficiency.

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sales Force Automation is defined as the use of tools and integration processes for all sales management functions under one roof. Sales Force Automation automates the complete sales functions like lead management, salesperson activity, sales quota, sales closure, sales forecasting & communication, sales team management, and sales billing. Sales Force Automation (SFA) is often written as SFA , Salesforce Automation, and Salesforce Management.
SFA is a specific subset of CRM. While CRM refers to any sort of software that helps a company serve and interact with its customers more effectively, SFA specifically deals with software that supports B2B sales teams. While CRM and SFA software may come with similar features, SFA software tends to prioritize sales-related activities such as lead generation, lead scoring, opportunity tracking, and the like.
Be honest with yourself: do you really think that your sales and marketing teams are functioning at peak productivity? If the answer is no, then that’s where sales force automation comes in. Sales automation basically eliminates all the tedious, manual tasks from your sales team’s day-to-day, allowing them to concentrate on nurturing and selling to their leads. With sales force automation software, your reps will never have to personally schedule another appointment or update another lead’s information again. Instead, they can spend their time on revenue-generating activities that contribute to the company’s bottom line.
The purpose of sales force automation are as follows:- 1. Focus on productive tasks 2. Improve Efficiency 3. Monitor Performance.

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