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Q4 Sales Meaning ?

Winning Sales Strategy for Winners!!!

Q4 or quarter 4 is very vital in any business as it counting months are January, February and March.

Sales Q4 means sales and revenue must be at their peak because every company has to close their financial year on March 31st  and hence businesses try to achieve maximum revenue to improve their profit and loss statement plus balance sheet.

But it does not mean that every business performs very well in Q4. Advertisement business (online and offline) does not perform that well as every business tries to save cost, reduce the cost to maximize profits. Salesperson remains under huge pressure to generate sales in Q4 quarter. Hence, to cover their sales backlog and to earn incentives.

4th Quarter Sales Strategy

  1. Re-Evaluate Prospect  & Interested Customers

There is famous saying “never forget your past”.

Sales winners always try to take advantage of past events, hence re-evaluate your sales data for quarters 1, 2 & 3. But remember salesperson experience with the customer your data may not be good but salesperson must ignore ego and start connecting with the clients one by one.

Did you know: “Salesperson will generate 70% business from earlier data, if evaluated and connected well”

Earlier customers have not given you sales orders due to some reason only, but if connected in q4, some of them will get converted because they also require business in q4 hence it becomes a win-win situation for customers and salespeople.

Last quarter is a perfect time period to increase your sales.


Oven Max “a salesperson maximized its sales by 85% in Q4 quarter by evaluating the customers with colors; green means hot client, yellow means the warm client and red means the cold client and with support of emotional pitch and hence it worked” 

Evaluation of data must be on :

  1. Hot Customers
  2. Warm Customers
  3. Cold customers

This evaluation must be on the series of feedback they have given in quarters 1,2 &3.

Connect Hot Customers well.

2. Have Flexible Discounts & Offering

Q4 in sales is very important for business; hence to maximize sales you must be flexible with discounts and offers for acquiring customers. Becoming rigid in the last financial quarters does not help because customers in the last quarter want to save money but want business. So a synergy has to be created.

Flexible discounts and offerings encourage customers for sales, hence your sales pitch must show customers the discount and offers but it showed be mentioned that it’s for quarter 4 only, hence you should leverage the opportunity to gain maximum closure.

Examples: Mohan Kumar adopted a strategy to offered 3 yrs of service in 2yrs of price, hence its shows value to customer for purchase of product and services as it saves them money and gets a long period of service.

Discount and offers can be:-

  1. One year service free
  2.  Extra bonus reward
  3. 30% flat off
  4. Extended 3-month service
  5. Buy 1 get 2+1 free
  6. Additional ½ kg at 5% discount
  7. And many more

3.Utilization of Advertisement Platform

Quarter 4 means save cost and maximize sales, hence advertisement plays a role to reach the mass audience but advertisement is a costly affair, hence businesses should focus on digital platforms to acquire clients which are comparatively low compared to offline advertisements.

Digital Platform that can maximize sales in quarter 4 are:

  1. Google My Business
  2.  Facebook and Instagram Campaign
  3. LinkedIn Sales Navigation
  4.  Youtube
  5. Content Writing
  6. Podcast
  7. Bulk SMS
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Registration with listing websites

Offline Advertisement can maximize sales in quarter 4 are:

  1. Hoarding
  2. Events
  3. Canopy demonstration
  4. Home service
  5.  References


Q4 sales can be maximized with effective planning and strategy. Keep ego aside and generate hunger for incentive. Take the support of your existing customer to build a chain of references.

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